My 2 Things (Naughty Naughty Version)

My 2 Things

Used to sing this naughty cute song when I was younger!

Happen to chance upon it and decided to bookmark it, and share it with friends of BooksAvenue.

Should be easy to figure out the rhyme 🙂

Here it goes:

My 2 Things
My 2 Things

When I was a little cute boy

My grandmother bought me a little toy

2 Silver bells hanging on a string

And I call it My 2 Things


My 2 Things

My 2 Things

Do you want to play with My 2 Things?

My 2 Things

My 2 Things

I want you to play with My 2 Things

Then mummy took me to a school

They tried to teach me the Golden Rule

But when the choir would stand and sing

I’d sit there and play with My 2 Things


Once I was climbing the garden wall,

I slipped and had a terrible fall

I fell so hard I heard birds ring,

But held on to My 2 Things


I remember the girl next door,

We used to play House on the kitchen floor.
I’d play King, she plays Queen.

And we will play with My 2 Things


This here song it ain’t so sad

The cutest little song you ever had

Those of you who will not sing

You must be playing with your 2 things!

Hilarious Moment During Class

This happened back in 2010 during a university lecture class, the girls were wasting time in class and this awesome moment happened, and i swear it wasn’t planned at all. Hope you enjoy, laugh, haha we couldn’t believe it. The original video was longer but decided to cut it down for the best part.


Taken from:

This Is What Happens When A Drunk Lady Texts Doctor Who

A stranger received a text from a random number (most probably a lady), and the sender was obviously intoxicated, so the recipient decided to have some fun.

Side note: For those of you who don’t know the premise of Dr.Who, it is about a time-traveling alien who happens to be a doctor and is doing things for the greater good.

Have fun reading!


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