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Using ChatGPT For Learning and Paraphrasing


Hello! How can I assist you today?

why is the sky blue?

The blue color of the sky is due to a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering. When sunlight enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it interacts with the molecules in the air. The blue light has a shorter wavelength and is scattered more easily than the other colors in the visible spectrum, such as red and yellow, which have longer wavelengths.

As the blue light scatters in all directions, it eventually reaches our eyes from all parts of the sky, making the sky appear blue. This is why the sky appears blue during the daytime when the sun is high in the sky.

It’s also interesting to note that during sunrise and sunset, the sun’s rays have to pass through more of the Earth’s atmosphere to reach our eyes, and more of the blue light is scattered away, leaving a reddish or yellowish hue.

but how will you explain this to a 4 year old kid?

Sure, I’d be happy to explain it in simpler terms for a 4-year-old!

The sky looks blue because the sun’s light is made up of many colors, like red, yellow, green, and blue. When the light from the sun enters Earth’s atmosphere, it bumps into tiny things in the air called molecules. These molecules scatter, or spread out, the colors of the light in different directions.

The blue light is scattered in all directions more than the other colors, so it reaches our eyes from everywhere in the sky. That’s why the sky looks blue!


With the rise of AI learning and refinement of machine learning, users are now able to learn and discuss with computers directly. It is almost like chatting with a friend or a teacher.

But how does it come to that? And is ChatGPT really a living computer?

Let’s try asking ChatGPT directly.


How is ChatGPT born?

I, ChatGPT, am an artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI, one of the world’s leading AI research organizations. My creation was the result of a combination of cutting-edge research in natural language processing, machine learning, and deep neural networks.

Specifically, my training was based on a large corpus of text data, which was used to teach me how to understand human language and generate responses that are appropriate, informative, and engaging. This training process involved feeding me massive amounts of text data from various sources, including books, articles, and web pages.

After the initial training, I underwent further fine-tuning and optimization to ensure that my responses are accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. I continue to learn and improve through ongoing updates and new data inputs.

In summary, I was “born” through a complex process of AI development, training, and optimization, which involved the expertise of many skilled researchers and engineers.


So as above, ChatGPT is not a living computer, much less a human. It does not have a physical body, or even a metaphysical mind. It is merely a series of reprogrammed responses to user’s questions.

Then how can we use this to communicate better?

For difficult questions, we can ask ChatGPT to rephrase it to suit the relevant ages. This helps to break down difficult words and to change the perspectives too. Without the difficult terms to hinder learning, the learner may pick up the concepts first. And with that basic understanding of concepts, learner can explore the subject further by probing and understanding the meaning of certain terms. Thereby picking up and further refining other terms as well.

Not only it helps in understanding the subject in question faster, it breaks down into ‘bite-sizes’ for quicker absorption too.

Be sure to use ChatGPT to your advantage!

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – Tara Westover

The Immortal Life Henrietta Lacks
The Immortal Life Henrietta Lacks

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Authors: Rebecca Skloot
Page count: 381
Publisher: Crown
Subjects: Non-Fiction, Autobiography
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-4000-5217-2
Product Dimensions: Kindle eBook / Audiobook

100 Word Summary

This is about ethical arguments on tissue market. Due to illness, Henrietta Lacks, or HeLa in short, donated her cells for studies at Hopkins in 1951. Unexpectedly, HeLa cells were the only kind that produce indefinitely, creating much interest and medical breakthroughs. These cells are the most researched and tested in existence. Humanity has benefited from these medical advances made and this book is recognition of Henrietta Lacks’ great contribution. However, the dark truth of all these success is that these contributions are mostly stolen and Lacks family unaware of the possible remunerations or benefits they could have received.

(100 words)

Who should read:

Friends who are interested in the following topics, social-economic and medical reasearch. It is a book that explore and details the African community in the early days, the challenges and difficulties, the culture and thought process during such times.

Undoubtedly, friends who are in the medical field will have known HeLa cells. They will want to know more of its history and its origins. This book provides a third party view on HeLa’s life while she is alive, and the contributions achieved by HeLa cells

Who should NOT read:

In my view, i think it is a good medical history book for the medical and non-medical readers. If anyone is affected by such social and economical injustice dealt to certain ethnicity, then this book will not be suitable at all.

This book present facts and document the life of HeLa from a third party view.

Takeaway points:

If something is taken away without permission, it is considered an act of theft. Justifications may be made to cover this act, but nothing can change the fact that it is still an act of theft.

The only weakness in this argument is, if only the beneficiary is knowledgeable to protect herself in commercial terms so as to benefit together. Still, it is a remarkable discovery that brings a great change to mankind, and HeLa’s descendants subsequently.

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More Fun Facts about Millennials

The year is 2021 now.

This means those who are born in 2000 are now 21 years old. At the age of 21, many countries recognise this as the age of adulthood, a young adult from the adolescent age. It would also mean the age of transition, probably from studying to working, from college to office. This are the Gen Z group, ranging from 1997 to 2010.

What about Millennials?

So with the Gen Z entering workforce, Millennials should be in the workforce for quite some time. They should have gained relevant experience and amassed certain spending power. Are they still relevant since the trend has always been looking forward, wanting only the latest? Will they be redundant after?

To these asked questions above, BooksAvenue received warm responses from the previous article. This was written by us: Fun Facts About Millennials. In recognition of that, we decided to share more information by invitation from ReviewMoose. Though the data provided from ReviewMoose is largely based on Canadians, the trend and habits remain the same.

But one might ask, why should we know about Millennials?

A brief summary

From the information extracted from ReviewMoose, the summary as follows:

1. Millennials are earning more money than baby boomers and Gen X-ers did at their age.
2. Homeowner millennials’ after-tax income is more than double that of millennials who aren’t homeowners.
3. 28% of Canadian millennials shopped online in 2019.

Purely from the earning and spending habits, there is a deviation from the previous generations. Not only millennials are earning more, they are willing to spend on the greater things they care for.

For the other generations who might be working with millennials, this will be a point of learn about the mindset of millennials. This is especially so for Gen Z, who are entering workforce and is facing a millennial boss.

So I leave you with the this article. And a note to ponder; Why Millennials are uniquely different from the other generations?

For more details for greater clarity, please go to:

Thank you ReviewMoose again for this kind invitation.

5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Reading

“BooksAvenue is reader-supported and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Thank you for your kind support.”

How can we tell if a child has a strong grasp of the language? Certainly, there are myriad ways to do so. And among all, the most common way to do so is to gauge the child’s language skills by 3 factors: Speaking, Reading and Writing. This method is by a teacher who taught me when i was younger.

Out of the 3 factors, to speak and write are skills that can accomplished if and only if reading is not an issue. To be able to read is the very quintessence step to any language. Once being able to read then one will be able to learn to speak, and lastly write by themselves. With such importance and heavy emphasis on reading, it is our duty as a responsible parent to assist our little ones to be able to read as soon as possible.

Yet where and how do we parents start and help our children? Likewise, if your kid is reading already, how can help to improve his/her reading further? In line with BooksAvenue’s efforts in bridging readers to books and in improving global literacy, our team has compiled some of the common tips that parents should adopt to help our kids:

1. Teaching reading helps

Parents are told early teaching is harmful, but it isn’t true. You simply can’t introduce literacy too early. The “dangers of early teaching” has been a topic of study for more than 100 years, and no one has ever found any convincing evidence of harm. Moreover, there are hundreds of studies showing the benefits of reading to your children when they are young. [1]

2. Teaching literacy just as another skill

Since reading is a skill, teaching reading is the same as teaching any other skills too. Mothers and fathers successfully teach their kids to eat with a spoon, use a potty, keep their fingers out of their noses, and say “P&Qs” too. Reading should be taught as a skill, and it should be enjoyable. Being unpleasant (e.g. yelling, punishing, pressuring) doesn’t work, and it can be frustrating for everyone. Henceforth, this notion applies to teaching literacy, too. If you show your 18-month-old a book and he/she shows no interest, then put it away and come back to it later. No pressure. No hassle.

3. Talk to your kids often

Reading is a language activity, and if you want to learn language, you’d better hear it, and eventually, speak it. Too many moms and dads feel a bit dopey talking to a baby or young child, but studies have shown that exposing your child to a variety of words helps in her development of literacy skills. Improvements come when the language skills are activated and used often. Remember it was mentioned earlier that language can be learnt from speaking, reading and writing? As parents we ought to talk to kids more. This gives them a chance to reply and speak often too. [2]

4. Read to your kids.

Research shows benefits for kids as young as 9-months-old, and it could be effective even earlier than that. Reading to kids exposes them to richer vocabulary than they usually hear from the adults who speak to them, and can have positive impacts on their language, intelligence, and later literacy achievement. What to read to them? Visit your local library, and you can get an armful of adventure. [3]

5. Have your kids to share “stories.”

Another great way to introduce kids to literacy is to take their dictation. Have them recount an experience or make up a story. A typical first story may be something like, “I like fish. I like my sister. I like grandpa.” Write it as it is being told, and then read it aloud. Point at the words when you read them, or point at them when your child is trying to read the story. Over time, with lots of rereading, don’t be surprised if your child starts to recognize words such as “I” or “like.” (As children learn some of the words, you can write them on cards and keep them in a “word bank” for your child, using them to review later.)

On top of these 5 tips, BooksAvenue has a 90 days offer from Readability to let parents try out this reading app for free. It helps improve reading and comprehension in young and struggling readers, making it unlike anything else on the market. Also. Readability brings together Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Advanced Speech Recognition, Comprehension with Interactive Voice-based Questions & Answers (IVQA), Fun Content, Real-Time Performance Tracking, and Gamification within one mobile app to help young children become strong readers.

Proven to Increase Reading Level in 90 Days

BooksAvenue hopes that this page helps to bridge the gap between readers and books. With clearer understanding and online resources, parents can help their little tots be a better reader. Do check out our links for other reading resources.