BooksAvenue is an online company bringing literature closer to people.

Started by Adam rendering a service to the global reading community.  Since February 2012, in partnership with publishers and e-commerce sites, bringing Amazon promotion and deals to every reader online.

Feel free to write to us through Facebook, and be sure to bookmark us for regular updates!

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BooksAvenue on Straits Times Interview:


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. My startup SmartPaper.fi is developing a service for Public Libraries (PL), that includes Peer-to-Peer book exchange, leveraging PL resources: MyData IndiviDUALbooks for Open Europe / oeBooks*.
    First in Finland, then – to EU, and maybe world wide, where GDPR-like laws provide privacy.
    Do you know of similar PL service somewhere? Where?
    Do you wish to expand your service by oeBooks?


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