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With the new forum, we allow all book lovers to connect and swap faster. Once again, bringing the world of fantasy and knowledge closer to people. 😀

How to Book Swap?

First off, book swap means you exchange book or books with another person. If you want your books back, that will be called a swap back, and you should indicate your preference.

DO read the following for a happier experience. ^ ^

For example, Peter has 50 Shades of Grey and would like to swap for any romance books. To swap for the books he wants, he will comment on this page with the following format:

50 shades of Grey
S4 Any romance books
99999999                                   ( Peter’s handphone number )
Pe[email protected]   ( or his email address for contacting )

If Peter only wants to swap for a period of time, that is he wants his 50 Shades of Grey back after he is done with romance books, he will type from the start:

(Note the abbreviation SB4)

50 Shades of Grey
SB4 Any romance books
99999999                                   ( Peter’s handphone number )
Pe[email protected]   ( or his email address for contacting )

For those who wants to swap back, please arrange with the other party, ie. when to swap back and how to swap back.

For friends who prefer to remain anonymous and do not wish to reveal their contact details, you may use the following form.  BooksAvenue will then post the list that you have and would like to swap for.

Rest assured BooksAvenue WILL NOT POST your contacts online. We merely will exchange your information with the other’s party information for both to contact once we get a match in our systems.

Last but not least, BooksAvenue is not responsible for any damages or losses arising from this swapping process. Please communicate with the counterparty for information on the books.

We hope this will be a good swapping experience for all.

Happy Swapping~!


***For faster swapping, please scroll all the way down and comment on this page below.

Use the form below only if you are not comfortable to release your email address or handphone no in public.




36 thoughts on “Book Swap

  1. Name: Charmaine

    Books to swap: The Murmurings – Carly Anne West
    I did a Bad Thing – Linda Green

    S4 romance or fantasy novels

    Pls write to BooksAvenue to exchange for swapper’s info


  2. Name: Mr Steven
    Email: please write in for Steven’s email address

    Books to swap: 4 orange carton boxes of old Chinese books on various subjects. Books are all from the period 1949 to 1970s.
    S4 any English non fiction books. English books on medicine, National Geographic magazines, Readers digest, etc welcome.
    swap one for one. call/sms only in the afternoons. view in town.

    Pls write to BooksAvenue to exchange for swapper’s info


  3. Name: Daniel Lee
    Email: z*******@gmail.com

    Books to swap:

    THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy
    BOOK OF THE DEAD by patricia cornwell
    SOCCER JOY 1 & SOCCER JOY 2 by asiapac comic series
    MAN AND wIFE by tony parsons
    EATING ANIMALS by jonathan safran foer
    THE GRAPES OF wRATH by john steinbeck
    THE wITCHING HOUR by anne rice
    JUST AFTER SUNSET by stephen king
    FACTORY GIRLS by leslie t. chang
    HOw TO STOP wORRYING AND START LIVING by dale carnegie
    STREET DIRECTORY 2009/2010 ed.

    S4 any soccer autobiography

    Pls write in for Daniel’s contact no.

    Thank you Daniel for your posting. If you prefer, you can post here too. 🙂

    Thank you once again! 😀


  4. From Ian:

    Books to swap: Books to swap : The Golem and Jinni – Helen Wecker
    You are not so smart – David Mcraney

    Write to BooksAvenue for Ian’s info. Or write on our facebook page for faster reponse.

    P.S. the face book page is link directly to ma phone. ^ ^


    1. Sorry Miss Katong, SG’s MDA doesn’t allow if not we will bring you the freshest Hentai straight from Japan.

      ^ ^


  5. Anyone got any books to recommend?

    I finished 50 shades. Book 1 was gd. But after a while it’s kinda bore


  6. Hey anyone has Sir alex ferguson latest auto bio?

    I have been looking ard. It is sold out everywhere.

    Reply on this thread will do. don’t wanna give out my contacts yet.


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