Badass Hawk Sparks An Action Movie Worthy Photoshop Battle

Hawks are pretty badass on their own, but if you get Photoshop involved they can turn into your next action movie hero. That’s exactly what happened with a picture of this hawk which got into the right/wrong hands.

The picture was snapped by the animal enthusiast Clint Ralph, 53, who was visiting Giant’s Castle in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, with his son. ‘I loved the attitude and comedy of the shot, I knew it would capture the imagination of the public,‘ Clint told the Metro.

When it appeared online, it took the always watchful army of Photoshop trolls just seconds to lay their hands on it. The results are waiting for your judgement below.


Before the Photoshoppers took over:





#1 I Will Find You, And I Will Kill You


Image source: jarjarsinks

#2 Straight Outta Hawkton


Image source: futuneral

#3 Explosion


Image source: bitterjay

#4 Photoshop Battle


Image source: lasrevinuu

#5 Stephen Hawking


Image source: PoW12

#6 High Noon


Image source: photonshop

#7 I Heard You Like Badass…


Image source: tenebris_spiritus

#8 A Real Millennium Falcon


Image source: CleverSpaceMonkey

#9 Trump Hawk


Image source: Sokar1723

#10 Jerry Was Never Quite Like The Rest Of The Other Birds


Image source: LargeBeef


By now you should know that nobody can outrun Photoshop trolls. Even the heads of the most powerful countries in the world.



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[Watch] If You Scream Out Your Window At Night In Sweden, Something Unexpected Happens

To all students who are taking exams, or receiving results today, this is for you.

Beginning in the 1970s, students in the Flogsta neighborhood of Uppsala, Sweden started sticking their heads out the window at 10PM every night to scream into the darkness. It’s a veritable symphony of woe. Apparently it began in the 1970s and has been going on — no joke — every single night since it started. Some reports say it began as a stress reliever during exam times, others say it was in honor of a student who committed suicide.

Whatever the case, it’s a pretty cool tradition and way to let off steam, even if the rest of us will still feel a little scared when it happens.

Epicly Timed Photos!!

A picture worth a thousand words!

These pictures are circulating on the Web and Team BooksAvenue decided to repost it to share with you guys too.

Enough said, enjoy the pictures!



Yawning dog with a picture of its ancestor


This photo makes you think there’s a new kind of centaur running the forests, one with a human body beneath a horse head.


Nothing spells love like 2 sweet kitties! 


As you can imagine, the smell stuck around for days…


Lucky for this kid, the bubble Gods were shinning down on her today. “We grant you the powers of the bubbles…”


Spoiler Alert: He misses the catch 


All I can guess is that they want her to fall in…someone just HAS to know this is about to happen. She’s tilting backwards… her heels are fully submerged in the pool! I want to see a photo from a few seconds after this to see if anyone has yet to react or help. 


Dread and joy all rolled up into one photo. 


He wears the skirt because it helps with the tips. 


Flying free with the birds!


When it’s too cold to swim, this dog walks on the water to help pass time.


You DON’T ever want to run into a fish with arms!


Finally! Some real fun! 


The only golden retriever ever raised by dragons…


The Statue of Liberty in New York is no statue to mess with! 


This is what happens when you cross a weenier dog with a larger breed… world’s longest dog.


Eyes like a butterfly!


The first ever human-dog conjoined twins love to go fishing together!  


This shark image is amazing! Captured the moment just before the water breaks apart.


Nice ponytail, Son! 


Thanks to this photo, the man blown overboard knows exactly who to blame… it’s the woman near the back, bent over instructing the children to do her dirty work for her! 


“Hmm… not bad.”


The perfect “fish face” for a selfie!


Instead of an eye patch, this pirate just relies on his pet parrot. 


Hey dude watch out for that…. ouch…


Meet the newest Disney character, Slinky Cat! 


“Something isn’t right… this butt just doesn’t smell as good as usual…” 


Photo Credits: reddit,imgur, reddit, reddit, Vladimir Levin, buzzinspired, Tom Baum, Imgur, reddit,imgur, reddit, imgur, imgur, Adde Adesokan, reddit, Nick Kelly, reddit, troyANDabed, reddit, Arainya,reddit, reddit, reddit, reddit, imgur, imgur, buzzland, reddit

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7 Ridiculously Hilarious Videos on Office Culture

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The following consists of short films/ advertisements/ musical that we come across, be it in our line of work or in our daily lives. It pokes fun of some of the annoying things that are logically impossible, yet we are supposed to deliver amazing results, defying reason and logics. It is both upsetting and hilarious at the same time.

Yet then again, a job is a job, and that is what we are employed to do, to solve problems.

But, do we? :p

1. When everything seems like the next big thing

The business world is rife with superlatives: “The HOTTEST new company!” “The MUST-HAVE new product!” Then there are the industry buzzwords that show up so often that it’s hard to remember what they mean anymore. Think one more PR e-mail about the latest technology will drive you out of your mind? Everyone’s talking about the new sustainable technology of Carrot, which is exactly what it sounds like.

2. When you’ve been asked to do something that doesn’t make any sense at all

So your boss gives you a project with certain requirements, but they don’t seem as feasible to you as they do to your superior. Sometimes the expectations of higher-ups is just a bit out of touch with reality. Finally, there’s a video that validates this, complete with a real-life “expert.”

3. If everyone on a conference call was actually in one room…

You know the common pitfalls of dialing in to a meeting, even the one that happens every week. Watching it in live action is far more entertaining. A more accurate video has never been filmed.

4. If entrepreneurs had a theme song…

It’s like “Eye of the Tiger” but…different. The most accurate description is “awesomely bad.” Don’t be surprised if you start randomly singing it later today, though.

5. The REAL anthem of office workers everywhere

OK, no, but really, this song gets it. The fact that this man’s coworkers helped create this video makes us think that working in that office probably isn’t so bad.

6. A true classic for office-based humor

Are they sure this movie wasn’t actually a documentary? It’s hard to pick just one moment to show, but this one nails the repetitive nature of bureaucracy pretty well.

7. Just a really clever TV mash-up that will make you smile

Everything is better on TV — even the workplace. If all of the lines of work we love from television crossed paths, it would be glorious. Here’s the proof.

My 2 Things (Naughty Naughty Version)

My 2 Things

Used to sing this naughty cute song when I was younger!

Happen to chance upon it and decided to bookmark it, and share it with friends of BooksAvenue.

Should be easy to figure out the rhyme 🙂

Here it goes:

My 2 Things
My 2 Things

When I was a little cute boy

My grandmother bought me a little toy

2 Silver bells hanging on a string

And I call it My 2 Things


My 2 Things

My 2 Things

Do you want to play with My 2 Things?

My 2 Things

My 2 Things

I want you to play with My 2 Things

Then mummy took me to a school

They tried to teach me the Golden Rule

But when the choir would stand and sing

I’d sit there and play with My 2 Things


Once I was climbing the garden wall,

I slipped and had a terrible fall

I fell so hard I heard birds ring,

But held on to My 2 Things


I remember the girl next door,

We used to play House on the kitchen floor.
I’d play King, she plays Queen.

And we will play with My 2 Things


This here song it ain’t so sad

The cutest little song you ever had

Those of you who will not sing

You must be playing with your 2 things!

Hilarious Moment During Class

This happened back in 2010 during a university lecture class, the girls were wasting time in class and this awesome moment happened, and i swear it wasn’t planned at all. Hope you enjoy, laugh, haha we couldn’t believe it. The original video was longer but decided to cut it down for the best part.


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