Corporate Drama Of The Missing Sandwich

It’s a series of pictures I found somewhere in the far corners of the Internet.

Speaking of corporate, I have a batch of books which i have yet to process. 😦



10615626_10153117362094251_8897364431374211830_n 10448181_10153117362034251_833445457066278917_n 10348182_10153117362064251_7102381195455536733_n 10624965_10153117362079251_4012449325497681326_n 10624574_10153117362214251_8273825861425956062_n 10584070_10153117362049251_3713107979688070528_n 10632833_10153117362364251_437813192074210757_n 10615359_10153117362234251_6523822530165104956_n 10603758_10153117362264251_6678016372362433178_n 10628547_10153117362259251_3482300983220332157_n 10626628_10153117362274251_6428684844899341987_n 10614195_10153117362409251_6691730660093670278_n

995077_10153117362434251_8431655210168075604_n 10599235_10153117362424251_5764259911434767369_n

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