Educated: A Memoir – Tara Westover

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Authors: Tara Westover
Page count: 352
Publisher: Random House
Subjects: Non-Fiction, Autobiography
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0399590504
Product DimensionsKindle eBook Audiobook

100 Word Summary

Set in the mountains of Idaho, the Westover family was well prepared for doomsday. Led by the father of the family, they stockpiled all necessities and equipped themselves with essential skills. In this way, the survivalist family could self-sustain and avoid any dependency on society, or the government. Thus being isolated from the mainstream, the children did not have any formal or proper education. With that, Tara had a strong thirst for knowledge and taught herself enough subjects to get herself into the Brigham Young University. This is her story of family loyalty, grief and struggle in her growing years.

(100 words)

Who should read:

Readers who want to look at the current society with a fresh preservative. This is especially so from the eyes of the uneducated. It is interesting to know in such time and age, there are still members of the society who are ignorant and stubborn of the improvements and advancements. Such ingrates (if you may allow me) are always doubting the government, rejecting any help or aid when it could really help them for good.

Who should NOT read:

For those who are expecting a fairy tale, sci-fi stories of either happy or sad ending, this is surely not for you. It is a real story of someone’s (Tara Westover) growing up years. An autobiography of the challenges and struggles that at times can be painful to read. It is especially painful for the educated ones to read the encounters of the Westover family members. Imagine being sick and being refused to see a doctor because of the fear that government will them brainwash and take control. Such irrationality is hard to accept for readers who are practical and realistic/

Takeaway points:

Education changes someone for the better. It gives proper logical reasoning and allows higher cognitive abilities. In this way, it solves much complexities. With that in mind, life can be better enjoyed and not wasted fearing unnecessarily or suspecting establishments with much self entertained controversies.

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