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EBook between paper books

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Kindle E-readers Under $100

Knowing the fact that the earliest Kindle device of 4gig can hold up 30,000 books [¹], why will anyone still lug a physical book around? If it is a short trip commuting from one point to another, a book does provide a quick mental getaway, covering and finishing more pages and finishing the book earlier too.

What if wanting to have the option to have all the titles in one device weighing under 200 grams? And it costs less than $100.

Will you want it?

If your answer is yes, this page will be useful for you to pick the right Kindle to suit your lifestyle.



Kindle for $64.99

This basic Kindle model uses a 6inches if electronic ink capacitive touchscreen for reading, and it lights up so you can read in the dark. A single charge lasts up to 4 weeks, based on a half-hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at 13.

The only downsides are it’s not water-proof, no light-adjusting sensors or rotating page orientation, and it still uses a MicroUSB charging port.



Kindle Paperwhite for $94.99

The Kindle Paperwhite will be considered a slight upgrade from Kindle.

The touchscreen is noticeably clearer (300 vs. 167)pixels/inch. With better lights, flush-front design and more importantly, waterproof of IPX8 certified.




All-new Kindle Oasis

The All-new Kindle Oasis will be the full upgrade from the earliest 2 devices.

Not only it has the largest screen size of 7inches, the best-LED front lights, but it also has an ergonomic design, auto-rotating page orientation and page turn buttons.

This is the best option for the best reading experience. We are sorry that it is not under $100 as promised. However, the price matches the quality. And in our view, a good reading device makes it easier to flip the pages faster. (We love the page-turning buttons!)


Kindle Kids Edition for $84.99

The Kindle Kids Edition will be exactly similar to regular Kindle in terms of specifications. With the $20 price difference, there is a 2 year guaranteed replacement and a one-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited. As it meant for purely reading, there are no games, ads, or voice assistants to interrupt.

Now with the 2 years guaranteed replacement, all parents will be willing to let kids from 7 years old and up to handle this version of Kindle.


Hope this sums all the popular Kindle readers on Amazon. There are other reading devices, however, these are the ones which focuses and specialises for reading purposes. Hope this is a simple and concise guide to narrow down the choices.


( Team BooksAvenue works hard to garner resources and detail all the money-saving ways that are available online. The affiliated links help to ensure BooksAvenue remains free for your consumption. We thank you for your kind support. )




[¹]Research data taken from https://decoline-shipping.com/qa/how-many-books-can-fit-on-a-4gb-kindle.html

How to buy Kindle Books for those living outside US

buy kindle books in singapore

Previously, we discussed how to have UNLIMITED FREE reads on Kindle in Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries. In this post, we are going to talk about how to buy Kindle books in Singapore as well as buy Kindle books in Malaysia, both countries use the same method, but let’s just refer to Singapore.

In addition, this tutorial will be showing you on how to buy English Kindle book from US Amazon.

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FREE eBook: Tea with Crypto Shakers: A 17 Years Old Crypto-Investing Prodigy in Conversation with Crypto Shakers Kindle Edition


Tea with Crypto Shakers is a book on how to get prepared for the upcoming cryptocurrency market by getting into the minds of Crypto Shakers about how they think and what they are working on to capitalize on this upcoming opportunity that the blockchain technology promises.

Here the list of Crypto Shakers that Shawn managed to team up with

– Roger Ver
– Timothy Draper
– Sherman Lee
– Chris Long
– Warren Seah
– Lex Na
– Hong QiYu
– Sen Ze
– Malcolm Tan
– Max Ng
– Kathryn Hew

Now, with this book, watch 17-year-old Shawn who has achieved success in early age with cryptocurrencies, has interviewed and team up with a group of crypto shakers to provide you their insights into cryptocurrencies.

Here some insights you are going to learn about the crypto shakers
– How they got started into the crypto space
– What are they working on
– How are they preparing for the blockchain revolution?
– What’s their advice to a 17-year-old if they can turn back time and transform to their 17-year-old self, how will they get prepared for the upcoming blockchain revolution

Yes, this is going to take determination and hard work with any new disruptive technology, but once you have received the new perspectives from these successful crypto entrepreneurs, it’s going to make you see cryptocurrencies in a whole new way.


Now with BooksAvenue, how can you get this book for free?

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PROMO Code: Amazon FreeTime Unlimited



Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is an all-in-one subscription that provides a world of content for kids to explore within a completely kid-safe environment. Coupled with easy-to-use parental controls, parents can choose what content their child sees, and set educational goals and time limits. It’s highly customizable and parents can personalize each kid’s experience with profiles, up to four profiles per subscription, letting them watch, play and read what they want, where they want to – on Fire tablets, Kindle eReaders, Android, iOS phones and tablets, and compatible Echo devices.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited offers thousands of books, movies, TV shows, and educational apps and games featuring kids’ favourite characters from PBS, Nickelodeon, Disney and more.

Starting at only $2.99/month, after the 30-day free trial period, this low monthly membership fee gives access to all of the below benefits:
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STEP 1: Click on this link here to sign up Amazon FreeUnlimited
STEP 2: Set your iPad or mobile devices on strict parental controls before passing it to your child.
STEP 3: With the Amazon FreeUnlimited, let your child browse and read through the books.

3 Steps To Read Amazon books for FREE

With e-commerce portals such as Lazada and Qoo10, you can now easily get a Kindle Device.

But books in Amazon costs money, so can we still do the ultimate way and read for FREE?

Glad that you asked! Good that you have been following us and bookmarked us for future updates to know this today.


You can read on Amazon for FREE apparently. AND no, it’s not a scam or some click bait. 3 steps, 3 legit steps. All you need is an Amazon Kindle Unlimited account (does not require a subscription to Amazon Prime).


Step 1: Register an Amazon Kindle Unlimited account. You will need it later.

Step 2: Get a Kindle E-reader. I assumed you would have purchased the Kindle either from Amazon or through one of the e-commerce portal. If not, use our link for a discounted price.

No Kindle?

If you have NOT purchased the Kindle device, you can download the free Kindle Reading App from iTunes or Google Play Store. The free books work with both the Kindle device and the reading app.

This only works if you have signed for Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Step 3:

After creating an account, go to Departments > Books & Audible > Kindle eBooks.

Then search for “free Kindle books”. You will then see a list of books that say “Kindle Edition” $0.00. You don’t need to be a Prime. All with a reading app, or a physical Kindle


Now an extra step, this has been my ultimate secret for a few years now and every day I have been browsing it constantly for the latest free books.

Freebook sifter is the answer!

Its is a web application where it scans the entire Amazon catalog and displays the link to the free books on its web site. It sorts the books into 30 different categories such as Parenting, Investing and Friction. It also proudly displays the number of free books you can actually download.

So there you go, an Amazon with free books.



Now if you would like to read PAID books for FREE, there is another way too.

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans are available with 6, 12 and 24-month membership plans.

AND there is a 1 month trial period available before paying. So the idea is to read all you can for FREE in that 1 month.

There will be:

  • Unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks
  • Unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks
  • Read on any device
  • Membership plans are also giftable


Readathon baby!

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Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Latest Amazon Kindle With a Built-in Front Light/Black – Includes FREE eBooks here

Cost has always been a big part of the Kindle line’s appeal at the low end. Amazon’s very good at undercutting the competition, while still managing to provide a workhorse e-reader in the process. Of course, paying $90 for the device comes with a number of cut corners, not the least of which has been the device’s stubborn refusal to adopt the front lighting found on the rest of the line.

Amazon’s just amended that oversight with the latest version of the standard Kindle. The device now features an adjustable front light, coupled with a touch 167 PPI display.

Not to mention, that price includes Special Offers (i.e. those screen saver ads the company has been serving up for most of the life of the product). There are also free ebooks which readers can load up into the Kindle too. Details are documented here.

And that is just not it. There are more functions and features summarized below:

  • Adjustable front light lets you read comfortably for hours—indoors and outdoors, day and night.
  • Purpose-built for reading, with a 167 ppi glare-free display that reads like real paper, even in direct sunlight.
  • Read distraction-free. Highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words, and adjust text size—without ever leaving the page.
  • Select from millions of books, newspapers, and audiobooks. Kindle holds thousands of titles so you can take your library with you.
  • With Prime Reading, Prime members read free with unlimited access to over a thousand titles.
  • A single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours.
  • Enjoy more books with Audible. Pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to switch seamlessly between reading and listening.

Now on top of all the refreshed settings and upgraded functions, Amazon is throwing in a limited time offer exclusive to BooksAvenue when you purchase the Kindle via BooksAvenue links here. Details for unlimited ebooks below:

LIMITED TIME OFFER : Enjoy 3 months of Kindle Unlimited FREE. Redemption instructions will be delivered via email after your order ships. No obligation to redeem. After 3 mos., subscription will auto-renew for $9.99 per month.

Now there will be 1 small issue for non-US citizens. It will require a forwarder service to order this special priced Kindle. For comparison of the cheapest forwarder service, Singsaver has written quite a good summary of the available forwarder services on the internet here. If not, scroll down to the appendix for reference

In summary, BUY the special kindle by Amazon via BooksAvenue promo links for Free ebooks with forwarder service all summarized in this page.

So there you go. All done at the lowest fee for the highest value.


This promotion begins on 10th April.

Register your interest and pre-order now.







Forwarder Services available:

Shipping Rate
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4-6 days
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Concierge (Buy-For-Me)
  • Home Delivery: S$3 to S$25, depending on weight
Buyandship Singapore
First 1 pound: S$9
Subsequent pound: S$5
6-9 days
Repacking: Free
Free (30-day limit)
  • 3% of shipment value per package (up to US$30 per package)
  • US$1,000 limit
  • US$100 compensation for items not insured
Base charge: S$13.40
of volumetric weight
4-6 days
9-12 days
Free for 30 days, S$1.50 per item per day thereafter
  • 3% of total value of the shipment, or min of S$9.90 per consignment note– S$20,000 limit
US$13.57 for the first 0.5kg
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  • USD$10,000 limit
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Concierge (Buy-For-Me)
  • 10% of total purchase cost + domestic shipping (if any)



Why Should We Still Read Expensive Ebooks?

Nobody loves to spend more money on something that is overvalued, or worse, inflated value. Having read through the ‘Are Ebooks Really Cheaper?‘, it begs another question, why should we still read expensive ebooks?

Here are the top 5 points:

Font Size

Adjustable font size

  1. Ebooks can be printable: and thereby give a reader most or all of the advantages of a paper-based book. If a bigger printed font size is preferred, buy the ebook and print it out. By spending more, one has the option to choose the font size.

    Project Gutenbery

    Free ebooks from Project Gutenberg
  2. Not all Ebooks are expensive, in fact, there are free Ebooks. The magnificent work of Project Gutenberg, and other online public libraries allow readers to read the classics at no cost.


    Multimedia in ebook
  3. Ebooks may allow the option for the addition of multimedia: still images, moving images, and sound. Why not pay a bit more for a richer content to enjoy it better?


    With ebooks, these are widely available compared to the past.
  4. Ebooks defeat attempts at censorship. All these works were banned: Analects by Confucius. Lysistrata by Aristophanes. Ars Amorata by Ovid. Pro Populo Anglicano Defensio by John Milton. The Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne. Wonder Stories by H.C. Andersen. Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. The Kreutzer Sonata by Leo Tolstoy. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. Ulysses by James Joyce. … Many of these books were confiscated, burned, or denied availability in libraries, bookstores and schools. Ebooks guarantee that readers maintain their right to read.


    No paper, no trees.
  5. Of course, no trees are required to manufacture paper for the pages of ebooks. Not to mention, ebooks will not crumble and wrinkled like paper. Why not pay a bit more to ensure the substitutability of this reading habit?


With the above points, BooksAvenue hopes to give you some perspectives and ideas why we should go for ebooks rather than printed books even when it is slightly more expensive.

Why E-books will never be free legally?

EBook between paper books

Love it or hate it, let’s face it. We all love FREE stuffs don’t we?

Information Age

In this Information Age, data can be transmit seamlessly without any barriers, wired or wireless, conveniently receiving it from one computer to another. Or probably, converting it from one medium to another too. With that in mind, E-books should be free, is it not? Since information can be copied and reproduced with just 4 keys: Crt + C and Crt + V, there should be no cost incurred, no? And with zero cost incurred, it is only logical that E-books should be free.

But this is not the case. We can copy a Word document or a PDF file multiplying it into as many copies as we want without additional resources. But E-books are not free, not because of the capabilities of our technology, but publishers, distributors and authors structured it to be so.

Time and effort

Let’s say you were to be an author and you got this amazing fantasy story, even better than Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. You spent months and years to finsh it, and finally done with the final draft. With the manuscript, you publish it electronically (assuming so just for the sake of illustration.)

Subsequently, sales volume is bad, yet everyone has read it, which they got it for free from some sites, or from their friends. How would you, as an author and the creator for that content, feel about this when your livelihood depends on the sales of your titles?

Digital Rights Management

Thus, to ensure the survivability of authors, the business model of printed books is forced upon E-books. By creating Digital Rights Management (DRM), it is then imbued into the electronic materials, preventing unauthorized redistribution of digital media and restrict the ways consumers can copy content they have purchased. It is only by this way that authors and creators can somewhat gain monetarily through the sales of E-books. This explains why E-books will never be free, at least not in our era.

Read ‘Why Should We Read Expensive Ebooks?

The only way for E-books to be free is to abandon the pricing model, adopted from the printed books, that is imposed on E-books, . That is to say, since E-books are on electronic medium which can be shared effortlessly, it should be so, without the issue of DRM. Without DRM ‘problems’ for the non IT savvy and other legal issues, e-books will be free legally.

If so, how can authors still be paid for their hard work?

Revenue Drivers

They can still be paid through other avenues, such as marketing of related products, sponsorship and etc. When readers are into a particular trend, many possible consumer products can be created and conjured up to address this need and demand. In fact, this will be a better model and may contribute to a bigger portion of revenue.

By giving up the revenue driven from the book sales, more publicity will be gained. It is a test of survival of the fittest as more readers have access to the content, resulting in a larger sampling size. In lay man’s term, the popularity or ranking of best selling titles are driven by viral marketing, not sales volume, which can be manipulated to a certain extent.

However, please note that I am only referring to ebooks sales only. I’m sure it will be the same business model for printed books.

Revenue Collection Method

Long story short, for e-books to be free legally, the entire e-book business should be revamped. Starting from the content creators, that is the authors, their mentality has to be changed. The usual revenue collection method from sales volume for e-books  should be abolished for it is not practical, and not logical at all. Why should they (distributors, publishers and etc) imposed such a traditional outdated method on the current stage of technology where information is transmitted effortlessly. It totally makes no sense at all!

In the past, copywriters are paid for their time and effort in reproducing a work. That is to say, the works are written, or typed, word for word. But since computers can do the same in 1 sec, the current pay structure for authors who create electronic content should be revamped too.

On an ending note, E-books will never be free legally, not in the near future, not in this era. Only when a new payment method for e-books can be drawn up to ensure that all authors and creators are still being paid, the old concept of selling books will continue to be forced upon on e-books.

Personally I find it easier to read the hard copy of a book. In fact, when I have E-books, notes or any electronic material, I prefer printing chapters for reading. Reading from the computer screen, or my Blackberry aggravates my eyes. However, there are many who will read only the E-book version of a book. Therefore, when you read a book, do you prefer reading the E-book or hard copy version? Will E-books ever replace their hard copy versions? What do you think? :/

Are E-books Really Cheaper?

e-Books VS Books

e-Books VS Books
e-Books VS Books

For a start, e-Books are literatures that are not printed, but are stored and displayed electronically. This has indeed provided much convenience, not only in terms of portability, it makes it easier to transmit and send to receiving parties.

For the points that have already mentioned earlier, I shall not repeat again in this short post that I will like to share in hopes that I can convince you that E-books are not as cheap as it is. If you have not read my earlier post on, Why Are E-books More Expensive Than Printed Books?, you can find it here.

Fees for electronic mediums

In general, e-books are subjected to licensing fees and all other related fees that are required to bring the electronic information available and legit for distribution to the consumers. Yet on the other hand, printed media such as paperback are only subjected to all the physical costs that are required for the publisher and the distributor. Judging by the number of possible charges, and not by the amount of each possible charges, to sell e-books will be very much subjected to many many possible fees, that are inevitable be borne by the consumer.

Small vs Light
Small vs Light

Of course that being said, one may counter argue that the assumption made above is incorrect. There may be many possible fees that incurred for bringing e-book to the consumer, but it is also possible that 100 ( for example) fees incurred is lesser than one hefty fee imposed. In other words, the total of 100 small fees is still cheaper than 1 big expensive fee

As copyright fees are dictated by each relevant authorities (depending where), this sum of money is ‘priced’ and charged accordingly to its regulations. Unlike, the cost of printing and labour, it is pretty much standard and has been ongoing for many many years. As distribution and licensing costs for e-books are relatively new in this century, it may be possible that the fees may fluctuate and be changed accordingly to consumers’ demand. This hypothesis on the difference in licensing and other fees that are related to distributing eBooks on different titles is drawn from the example on different paperback titles with different prices according to its popularity.

 Differences in Pricing

Comparing among paperback titles, it is not surprising to find that the recent and popular titles are prices somewhat higher if not, more expensive than the outdated titles that has been in the market for many years. If that is happening for paperbacks, it is without much doubts that it can also happen for e-Books too, where popular titles will be charged with heavier fees that are required for distributing legally.

This is illustrated below:

Comparing e-Books and paperbacks
Comparing e-Books and paperbacks

This is a relatively new book by James Patterson, a well known author with the series on Alex Cross by one of the distributors. Notice how the difference in pricing across all mediums in the screenshot?

Digital List Price: $33.98
Print List Price: $29.00

Digital List Price is the suggested retail price set by the publisher.

As indicated, the original price of this electronic copy is $33.98, for convenience, let’s just say $34. And its counterpart, that is printed media is only $29. Almost a $5 difference!

On a minor note, by spending additional $5, one will have to charge up the device before reading and it is quite obvious that electrical costs are not free. Unless you are living off the grid, on some form of electricity harnessed from Mother Nature. That being said, on a side note, is it really environmentally friendly to pay more to read e-Books?

At the point of composing this ‘short’ post, festive season is coming. And ‘thankfully’ with that, there is some discount which resulted in the following:

Kindle Price: $15.78 includes free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet
You Save: $13.22 (46%)

So with that discounted price, we compare e-book pricing with traditional printed paperbacks.


Amazon Price New from Used from
Kindle Edition $15.78
Hardcover $14.50
Paperback $12.97

Based on the assumption that all companies, regardless of their business models, are profit driven, it is without doubt that the company should be making lesser profits after given discounts on the Kindle edition. That being said, one can roughly estimate the break even price for e-books.

Also, the profit margin should be much higher than printed paperbacks which attracts most distributors to massively push for e-books.

Local Context: Singapore

Bringing the topic to a local context in Singapore, it is fortunate that cheap paperbacks are conveniently available, if you know where to find them. Partially due to the fact that most Singaporeans do not have a reading habit, most local book stores have ceased to operate in an environment of rising rental costs. Still it is possible to find cheap books in excellent reading conditions.

For most Singaporeans, information is being ‘pushed’ to our IT devices and it is thought to be cumbersome to carry a printed book along. Henceforth we Singaporeans believe that it is more convenient to ‘load’ the electronic material or more titles into our devices such as Kindle, smartphones or tablets and read it on the go.

That being said, it feels good to know that one device can carry 20 books compared to carrying a physical book itself. But the actual problem to this is, it is not like anyone can finish 20 books of 300 pages on a train ride home.

In other countries, there are Meet-the-authors sessions and such to get physical books autographed. Or is it that it is necessary to organise such events to bring forth a reading habit and eventually start a reading trend here in Singapore?

Well for a start, the local government has started free public libraries many years ago, in hope that Singaporeans can have access to reading materials regardless of living conditions. While that being said, each age group will give you an unique reason why they are not reading. This will be my next posting.

Still there is a number of Singaporeans who reads and they are regular clients of BooksAvenue.

Taken from: http://www.straitstimes.com/sites/straitstimes.com/files/imagecache/ST_REVAMP_2014_STORY_PAGE_640X360/RHH1e.jpg

– Local Bookstore in Singapore

That is also why BooksAvenue is created on-line, without a physical store to serve this purpose. While we promise that we keep the prices competitively, we also ensure that the books are in readable conditions, such as no torn, missing or dogged ear-ed pages. All in all, we strive to deliver the best reading experience.

And if we ever do eBooks one day, we will ensure that the prices are low and affordable too. And now what we can do is to partner with SecondhandeBooks. From the site SecondhandeBooks, there are second hand ebooks which are previously owned by other owners. These ebooks are being shared for free. If you like the site, feel free to buy the owner a cup of fresh brewed coffee via the product page. Or you can simply click here to do so.

Afterall, don’t forget the tagline, BooksAvenue: Our Books, Your Convenience.

– Written and compiled by BooksAvenue
*All images belong to its respective owners