10 Things Why We Are Not Reading As Much As Before

Reading to the mind is what exercise is to the body. Yet the number of readers declines steady annually on a global scale.Thus, we decided to take some time on weekends to jot down some of the common things on why of us them are not reading.

  1. No Motivation
    The 2 types of motivations are extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation comes from external factors. And intrinsic comes from within. Our brains are wired to derive pleasures from our actions, thus there has to have some forms of reward for a certain course of action.Certainly there are only pleasures if a person has some form of interest in reading, if not, it is unlikely the person who does not like reading to read even a paragraph.
  2. No Time
    A common excuse for non-readers.Everyone has 24 hours. It is up to one to decide if he or she wants to read. Period.
  3. No Satisfaction

    satisfactionMany are unwilling to invest the time to finish a title for fearing that the investment of time is a waste if the book turns out to be a flop. Hence, they rather not risk their time so long as there is a potential chance that there will be little or zero satisfaction for finishing a book. In this way, they will not be disappointed at all.

  4. No Place

    O6RaftJust like the picture above, one is always busy with Life and never got the right place to read. When it comes to suitable places for reading, we are LOST.


  5. No Pictures

    Because they argue, it is such a bore to read words. A picture tells a thousand words. It is so much dynamic reading comics than reading a book. So much to see, so colourful and graphical, unlike books. URK!

  6. No Slow Media

    there-is-no-space-for-slow-media-1-638With the advancement of technology, things are meant to be faster, leaner, slicker and smoother. Books are physically bulky and inconvenient to tug it around. Why go to the library to do research when I can access information at my fingertips?

    Erm..there is still ebook readers for those who loves to read. (In case it was conveniently forgotten)

  7. No Habit

    Woman using tablet pc on couch.Humans are creatures of habit. If you love doing something, you will do it whenever, where ever you are.

    Except in some extreme cases like helping an old lady crossing the road, saving your neighbour’s cat, etc.

  8. No Incentive

    iStock_000007307443_ExtraSmall-300x241The modern society has moulded us into incentive-focused, pragmatic people. If there is no clear reward for doing a certain action, there is no way we are doing it.

    Reading, sadly, has only rewards for those who love reading. No one is going to give you a medal for finishing 1 book of 500 pages of 300,000 words.

    Really no one is to award you at all. The incentive is self-derived, which there has to be motivation that comes within.

  9. No Mutual Friends

    After finishing a book, who can one share his or her view points with?

    Thankfully there are Book Clubs gatherings with acquaintances and friends, coming together to share views on a particular book that they have finished.

    But what if the friend request was denied? T  T

  10. No Intention

    If all the above points are not applicable to your situation, we are very sure this is the actual case. There is absolutely no arguments on this, because we know, and met many clients, friends, and families that have zero intentions to read.

    So no matter how we tell them reading opens a new dimension, exploring new possibilities, they will never ever understand this.