**This page is reserved for NON-book swapping only. For book swapping, please refer to the other link.

This is a free service brought to you by BooksAvenue.
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Eligible items for swapping

  1. Computer games
  2. Handphones
  3. IT stuffs
  4. Fashion wears (But not used underwear :/ )
  5. Anything so long as it is legal and there’s someone who wants it.

How to Swap?

First off, swap means you exchange item or items with another person. If you want your stuffs back, that will be called a swap back, and you should indicate your preference from the start.

DO read the following for a happier experience. ^ ^

For example Peter has an iPhone 5 and would like to swap for a Samsung Note 3. To swap for the stuff/s he wants, he will comment on this page with the following format:

iPhone 5
S4 Samsung Note 3
99999999                                   ( Peter’s handphone number )
Pe[email protected]   ( or his email address for contacting )

If he only wants to swap for a short while and he wants his iPhone 5 back after he is done, he will type the following at the start :

(Note the abbreviation SB4)

iPhone 5
SB4 Samsung Note 3
99999999                                   ( Peter’s handphone number )
Pe[email protected]   ( or his email address for contacting )

For those who wants to swap back, please arrange with the other party, ie. when to swap back and how to swap back.

For friends who prefer to remain anonymous and do not wish to reveal their contact details, you may use the following form.  BooksAvenue will then post the list that you have and would like to swap for.

Rest assured BooksAvenue WILL NOT POST your contacts online. We merely will exchange your information with the other’s party for both of you to contact each other once we get a match in our systems.

Last but not least, BooksAvenue is not responsible for any damages or losses arising from this swapping process. Please communicate with the counterparty for information on the items.

We hope this will be a good swapping experience for all.

Happy Swapping~!

4 thoughts on “Non-Book Swap

  1. Name: Legoman

    “Stuffs to swap: I have varies of Soft toys which I hope to exchange with some body lego mini figures / lego sets. ”

    Email BooksAvenue for Legoman’s contacts 🙂


  2. Looking to sell an used Samsung Galaxy Ace for S$100.

    full package with box. pls email to deal. thanks!


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