The World According to China

AuthorsElizabeth C. Economy
Page count: 250
Publisher: Polity; 1st edition (October 25, 2021)
Subjects: Non-Fiction, Politics, Social Sciences
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1509537495
Product DimensionsHardcover / Kindle eBook / Audiobook

100 Word Summary

Presented in a concise and clear manner, it illustrates the events and issues in chronological order. Beginning from the vision, and inception of the modernisation dream to the current manifestation of a modern China on the global stage, tackling and addressing a myriad of issues on different fronts. Largely categorised into topics, the author presented an objective view of China’s ambition and strategies to reclaim the country’s past glory and reshape the geostrategic landscape in dramatic new ways. As China continue to change and be rebuilt, there will be new risks and opportunities to navigate through.

(100 words)

Who should read:

Any readers who are wanting to learn about China’s views and issues should read this book. It gives a very good starting point to get acquainted with several hot issues. Also, it helps to understand certain matters in an unbiased view.

Who should NOT read:

Contrary, readers who are expecting refreshing and out-of-the-box perspectives will be sorely disappointed. The author has no intention of presenting provocating or different and out-of-the-norm views.

That said if readers are looking to get different vantage points on the same matter, this is not a suitable title at all.

Takeaway points:

In my view, East and West have very different views on several topics, ranging from culture, politics and overall system. There should not be a general solution to be applied to either side. In this manner, the East and West should acknowledge this and find a middle ground so that the rest of the countries do not have to pick sides. Likewise, there are mutually pressing issue that need global efforts to be tackled; global warming.

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