How to get FREE Shipping From Amazon

BooksAvenue did an article on how to buy Kindle books if you are not in the US. The article can be found here: How to buy Kindle Books for those living outside US

On the same note, BooksAvenue received many enquires on how to buy books or Amazon items and ship to Indonesia. So in this article, we will use Indonesia as an example. It works for any country in fact.

Since BooksAvenue has the knowledge and experience, the team has compiled all the information and steps in this page. Knowing that buying ebooks, movies, apps and games from Amazon store is difficult in some countries, we make it a point to help our customers so that they can have the digital experience purchase ( be it ebooks, or multimedia resources) via Amazon is as painless as possible.

Does Ship Internationally To Indonesia?

It depends on the item.

But in this short article, we’ll show you exactly how to buy any product from’s USA store and get it shipped to Indonesia, regardless of whether Amazon ships it internationally or not.

Option 1: Buy Directly From

Step 1: Go to’s International Shopping Portal
Amazon’s international section only displays items that are available to ship internationally to countries like Indonesia.

Step 2: Create an Account and Set Up Your 1-Click Indonesia Address
After creating an account or after you log in, set up a “1-click address” for Indonesia.

To set this up, visit the “manage addresses” section located in the “your account” dropdown.

After inputting your Indonesia address, Amazon will only display items that can ship to your country.

Option 2: Use A U.S. Shipping Forwarder

This option tends to be a little more expensive but it enables you to buy any product that Amazon won’t ship directly to Indonesia. Package forwarders provide a U.S. address so that you can ship any product to the forwarder and then have them ship it to you in Indonesia.

Step 1: Sign Up For A Shipping Forwarder

For Indonesia customers, it is the best to choose because we’ve shipped more than 1,000 packages with six different package forwarders and has the lowest rates, is tax-free, and is the most popular U.S. shipping forwarder by far.

Signing up is easy, plus you can see exactly how much your shipment will cost before shipping anything to Indonesia. The shipping calculator is here

Also, if you have any issues placing your Amazon order, USGoBuy concierge service can place the order for you.

  • Free 60 Days Storage
  • No Hidden Fee
  • Free Consolidating Service
  • Free Repacking Service

Step 2: Buy Your Amazon Product

Once you’ve set up your U.S. shipping address, you’re ready to make your Amazon purchase and get it shipped to Indonesia. Just visit the Amazon website, use your USGoBuy and place your order!


BONUS STEP for FREE Shipping:

Refer To A Friend And Earn $10

Cashback Instruction
Your Friend You
Get A Coupon (no limitation) Get $10 Cash Each


  1. Find your personal share link from your USGoBuy account, copy it and then share it through Facebook, Twitter, email or other social media, etc.
  2. Get $10 cash once after your invited new friend’s first package was shipped out from USGobuy.
  3. Invite more, get more. Meanwhile, your friend will get $2-$15 shipping coupon randomly.
  4. Withdraw your bonus cash only when it exceeds $20 in USGOBuy account.
  5. If you have any problem, please contact [email protected] for more details.


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