Lost City – Clive Cussler and Paul Kemprecos

Lost City

Lost City The discovery of a body frozen for ninety years in a glacier high in the French Alps seems of unlikely concern to Kurt Austin and the NUMA Special Projects team. But when those on site are trapped in alpine tunnels flooding with glacial meltwater, Austin can hardly ignore a cry for help. And this near tragedy proves to be no mere accident.

In another installment of the NUMA series, Lost City follows the Fauchards, a mother-and-son team who are ruthless in their thirst for domination; with an impressively complex plan, the two are planning to take over the world using the Earth’s most precious resource: water. When the NUMA team uncovers their scheme, the mother-son duo will confront their greatest challenge: the world’s go-to James Bond, hero of the day, savior of the seas, Kurt Austin.


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