Free Book Swap in Singapore~!

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So I decided to have host book swap at BooksAvenue. It is not a new thing, however, it is not a big thing in Singapore, nonetheless, it is worth a try.

Well, book swap is simply swapping book/s with another reader for free. Assuming you have ABC book and you can swap with someone one who got XYZ book for free. The only cost is probably time and effort to meet up with the other party.

I have been thinking of how to make this possible, and at the same time creating a safe environment for readers to safely post their contact information. The easiest and efficient way would be to copy those pages like those SGConfessions, SMUConfessions where only the admin knows where the postings come from. Hence the admin will be the server, sending counterparty’s information to the other.

Yet i wonder if this is necessary. If users are comfortable with leaving information online, why trouble myself?

Nonetheless, i am working on making this book swap happen for BooksAvenue. Do comment and let me know what you think.

Till then. ^ ^

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