The Unauthorised Autobiography – Julian Assange

 The Unauthorised Autobiography - Julian Assange

The Unauthorised Autobiography – Julian Assange

This autobiography begins with a note from the publisher, explaining that this work is too personal and have decided to withdraw co-operation. However, since legal settlements of the publication contract have been settled, the publisher decided to honour it. As such, this is the “unauthorised first draft… passionate, provocative and opinionated – like its author.”

Assange describled his childhood days, upbringing and changing environments, which led and molded to his current self. Being curious and hungry for knowledge, he taught himself computer programming, and eventually hacking. Artfully, he supplied childhood scenes to explain the adult outlaw. In the later part of the autobiography, he met other activists while ” taking a walk” in some government servers.

Towards the end, it gets personal, explaining how his rape allegations were motivated. Clearly, readers can feel his frustration and disappointments. Justified by his sense of justice and his view on authorities, he explained the purpose of leaking these cables. There is also an appendix consisting of the leaks, ranging from Iraq war dairies, to embassy cables, to Raja Petra Kamarudin statutory declaration on Altantuya Shaariibuu murder. The appendix also includes some tinyurl links to some of the above mentioned documents.

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