7 Ridiculously Hilarious Videos on Office Culture

Taken from: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/238424

The following consists of short films/ advertisements/ musical that we come across, be it in our line of work or in our daily lives. It pokes fun of some of the annoying things that are logically impossible, yet we are supposed to deliver amazing results, defying reason and logics. It is both upsetting and hilarious at the same time.

Yet then again, a job is a job, and that is what we are employed to do, to solve problems.

But, do we? :p

1. When everything seems like the next big thing

The business world is rife with superlatives: “The HOTTEST new company!” “The MUST-HAVE new product!” Then there are the industry buzzwords that show up so often that it’s hard to remember what they mean anymore. Think one more PR e-mail about the latest technology will drive you out of your mind? Everyone’s talking about the new sustainable technology of Carrot, which is exactly what it sounds like.

2. When you’ve been asked to do something that doesn’t make any sense at all

So your boss gives you a project with certain requirements, but they don’t seem as feasible to you as they do to your superior. Sometimes the expectations of higher-ups is just a bit out of touch with reality. Finally, there’s a video that validates this, complete with a real-life “expert.”

3. If everyone on a conference call was actually in one room…

You know the common pitfalls of dialing in to a meeting, even the one that happens every week. Watching it in live action is far more entertaining. A more accurate video has never been filmed.

4. If entrepreneurs had a theme song…

It’s like “Eye of the Tiger” but…different. The most accurate description is “awesomely bad.” Don’t be surprised if you start randomly singing it later today, though.

5. The REAL anthem of office workers everywhere

OK, no, but really, this song gets it. The fact that this man’s coworkers helped create this video makes us think that working in that office probably isn’t so bad.

6. A true classic for office-based humor

Are they sure this movie wasn’t actually a documentary? It’s hard to pick just one moment to show, but this one nails the repetitive nature of bureaucracy pretty well.

7. Just a really clever TV mash-up that will make you smile

Everything is better on TV — even the workplace. If all of the lines of work we love from television crossed paths, it would be glorious. Here’s the proof.


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Literature Rental: Why It Does Not Work In Singapore

I have been busy these few weeks. As such, I have not posted new titles, or anything interesting on the web that catches my interest.

I was talking to a few fans of BooksAvenue who have bought a large number of books from our site. They are quite keen to sell the purchased books back to BooksAvenue, thus effectively, modifying the past purchased transaction into a rental transaction.

Books rental in the past by BooksAvenue
Books rental in the past by BooksAvenue

When my team and I first started BooksAvenue, we did have this concept. It was around 2 years back, around 2012. It was pretty ‘ok’, as what my partner Adam observed. But the bulk of sales was mostly purchases. 20% of the after sales turned into rental. In other words, there are more buyers/readers who are willing to buy and own the book.

The idea of renting books is an old book business concept, adopted from business model in the past such as Sunny Bookstore and Sans Bookstore. Readers first purchase the book, say S$10. After finishing the book, they send the book back to us and we return them S$7. Thus, S$3 for renting the book.

In this way, for a lower amount of money, a typical reader from BooksAvenue will be able to read more books. That is under the condition that the returned books are to be in good condition.

Think about it; S$3 to read a book for 3 weeks. No doubt National Library is there to borrow books for free. But what if the popular titles are out of stock currently?

In 2013, we scrapped the idea because, as mentioned earlier, the bulk of sales are from purchase, rather than rental. While rental of literature is of better benefit for readers, ultimately we learn that market forces will determine what is required for business owners to provide. Similarly at that point of time, we labelled this case as “HDB Syndrome”.

The HDB Syndrome
The HDB Syndrome

Accordingly to Team BooksAvenue, rather pointedly mentioned by our partner Adam, HDB Syndrome is a case whereby everyone prefers to own, than to rent. We Singaporeans understand that buying a flat gives a peace of mind. With the purchase of an asset, we are not ‘required to return it and we can consume it endlessly’, unburdened by the concept of Time. With that in mind, it explains why book rental was not very successful in our context.

Not to mention, a bulk of our clientèle base is mostly students and elderlies. Allowing such option for literature rental would be, and should be quite a popular option. At least that was what we thought in 2012. Based on actual sales reports we compile each month, most of our fans are keen to buy and own books.

So yep, that elaborated why the rental of literature has been scrapped eventually.

Hope that this post explains why we scrapped the option that was available in the past. As we have received numerous queries via email, we decided to write it out to explain this.

Yet again, who knows? If you are keen for literature rental, make yourself heard! Comment on this post and let us know! Join our mailing list!:D

Till then!


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