Top 10 Criminals In Singapore (#criminalwatch) Well, this video depicts, in a funny way, the common crimes in Singapore. Yet on the other hand, I am sure that these crimes, petty or not, are common in other countries too. The purpose of the video, sponsored by Singapore Police Force (i think), is to remind all that low crime does not … Continue reading Top 10 Criminals In Singapore (#criminalwatch)

Jared Michael got kicked in the head by a train Cannot imagine a 9 second video got 23 million hits in just a few days! Wow! First published on 15 Apr 2014 "I tried to take a selfie while a train passed a "safe" distance behind. I guess I was still too close and got kicked in the head. "

Camera Fails in Singapore Asking someone to help take a picture for us is such a common thing to do, but sometimes its just annoying to have that person take a picture that doesn't quite meet your instagram standards. Well, there you go, all the fail possibilities in one video 😉

(Watch for 1:53) Man uses kitchen utensils for Frozen – Let It Go Nice song, surely not a new concept~! But that is not the point. Praises for the effort, time and resources spent on setting it up to make this possible. Watch for 1:53. I am very sure that it really happened. I turned up the volume and heard it for real. Receive a batch of … Continue reading (Watch for 1:53) Man uses kitchen utensils for Frozen – Let It Go

Chaplin vs Sheen One of our favourite videos when we are taking a break from all the tagging and sorting of books. It is something nonsensical and random by VersusTvigle. There are more videos from them. We will post our favourites as a way of bookmarking them too. Feel free to come back and check it out … Continue reading Chaplin vs Sheen