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Starting Book Swap on BooksAvenue this Friday

Hi friends of BooksAvenue, the section of book swap is ready. It will start officially this Friday.

After much considerations, we decided that it is better to keep it simple because we are amateurs when it comes to website designing. It makes more sense for us to present an idea, no matter how crude it is, so long as it is viable and feasible. But one for sure, we promise this will be a free service. No monthly subscriptions, no commission or fee paying BS to swap books or others. We promise it will continue to be free and will continue to polish and improve along the way.

Also, we have done up a similar section for non-book swaps too. It is a very simple page where swappers can exchange information to transact by commenting on the page itself. We will mitigate to an online forum once we are very sure that it will serve our friends better.

As of now, it is password protected. If you want to take a peek, message us on our Facebook page. ^ ^

Lastly, this is a free of charge service, an initiative to serve the community better. We hope to get your support.

Do share with your friends, do LIKE our page, do write to us because no matter how small and humble your contributions are, it really means a lot to us.

Peace~! ^ ^

Survey results after 3 days

Survey results after 3 days

Attached is the survey results after 3 days. Sample size 1185.

Survey has now unofficially ended. We have sufficient results to take Booksavenue to another level.

Thank you all for your warm participation! Look out this Friday for addition to the site:

P.S. Yea we did say survey has ended unofficially. Which also means you can still vote if you want to. ^ ^

Survey results after 24hours

Survey results
Survey results


This is a snapshot of survey results after the launch for 24hrs, over a sample size of 322 votes. Survey was done to find out if readers in Singapore are keen to swap books with other readers. Up to 46% of readers are willing to swap books, with another group of ppl of 30% of readers who would like to swap back their books. A very small majority (7%) of readers are willing to give their books for free.

Do participate and let your voice be heard!

Free Book Swap in Singapore~!

*survey shifted to top left hand corner of this site

So I decided to have host book swap at BooksAvenue. It is not a new thing, however, it is not a big thing in Singapore, nonetheless, it is worth a try.

Well, book swap is simply swapping book/s with another reader for free. Assuming you have ABC book and you can swap with someone one who got XYZ book for free. The only cost is probably time and effort to meet up with the other party.

I have been thinking of how to make this possible, and at the same time creating a safe environment for readers to safely post their contact information. The easiest and efficient way would be to copy those pages like those SGConfessions, SMUConfessions where only the admin knows where the postings come from. Hence the admin will be the server, sending counterparty’s information to the other.

Yet i wonder if this is necessary. If users are comfortable with leaving information online, why trouble myself?

Nonetheless, i am working on making this book swap happen for BooksAvenue. Do comment and let me know what you think.

Till then. ^ ^


Sorry guys, we have been busy for a while to settle personal stuffs.

As such you would have noticed there are no additional of new titles yet.

But rest assured that this is temporary, probably a short hiatus for us to get away for a while. We have acquired some titles and we lack the manpower to do the logistics. We seek your kind understanding.

Meanwhile, if you have any requests, or any titles, feel free to drop us a note. On Facebook, or on this site by commenting on the order page. Also help us by sharing our post on your facebook page. We need ur help to expand and ‘socialise’. 😀

Thank you for supporting BooksAvenue, a small local online bookstore in Singapore. 


P.S. It really mean a lot to us. Thank you. really. 🙂

Seeking fiction/non-fiction book suppliers in Singapore

BooksAvenue is expanding! Thank you all for your continuous support~!

Currently we are seeking suppliers who are carrying fiction/non-fiction books. If you are a supplier seeking an online entity to sell your books, please contact us by writing a note on our Facebook wall,

Thank you once again~!

Why book lovers cannot be in the book business?

When we first started this book business, BooksAvenue, we had an ideal business model. We started by doing rental concept, hoping that through this way, we can share the joy of reading to more people. Eventually we decided to revamp our entire business concept, based on the feedbacks and statistics that we were getting. It seems that our fans are not interested in renting the titles they love. They want to own the books, buy them home to collect or to store. Thus in order to survive, we had to alter our business concept, changing from rental to selling.

And this is where we faced, or rather, facing another problem. This problem is pretty unique. It is not seen by any readers, or fans of BooksAvenue. It could be solved by, perhaps, a change of mentality. But this is unlikely, very unlikely.

The problem we are facing is the fact that we LOVE books too much. We love it so much that we are not willing to put it up on for sale. We have the books and to see it sitting neatly on our shelves, nice and tidy. It gives us a sense of pleasure and thrill to know that we own certain collections. To build a small little library, a personal collection to all the books that we love. And most importantly, the fact that we are able to be still in access to the books that we love and have been loving all this while, at any time of the day, at any time of the year regardless rain of shine

This probably also explains why some of our clients prefer to buy books than to rent it. It is also why this same love of books and the magical world of reading that propels us to do up and establish this book business. Surprisingly, it is the same love that is holding back the business.

So long story short and back to the topic, we concluded that book lovers CANNOT be in the book business. Or perhaps they can be in the rental business model if that market is sustainable since books will eventually be coming back to them.

To simplify this post, and for the convenience of those who do not read and skim through the post to find the answer to the above headline, we shall jot it down in bullet points. Even though this has been explained earlier, we just wanted to troll and ease up a little since it is Friday today.

There are 5 reasons to why book lovers cannot be in the book business.




Why cannot?


  1. Book lovers will not be willing to part with the books that are meant to be sold.

  2. Book lovers will not be willing to part with the books that are meant to be sold.

  3. Book lovers will not be willing to part with the books that are meant to be sold.

  4. Book lovers will not be willing to part with the books that are meant to be sold.

  5. Book lovers will not be willing to part with the books that are meant to be sold.

No really, there are 5 reasons that has been explained earlier in this passage. Due to some technical error on WordPress site, we are only able to replicate the first reason 5 times.


OK ok… it’s not that funny. sorry.

P.S. We love books and got a bad sense of humor. Forgive us.