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Survey results after 24hours

Survey results
Survey results


This is a snapshot of survey results after the launch for 24hrs, over a sample size of 322 votes. Survey was done to find out if readers in Singapore are keen to swap books with other readers. Up to 46% of readers are willing to swap books, with another group of ppl of 30% of readers who would like to swap back their books. A very small majority (7%) of readers are willing to give their books for free.

Do participate and let your voice be heard!


Free Book Swap in Singapore~!

*survey shifted to top left hand corner of this site

So I decided to have host book swap at BooksAvenue. It is not a new thing, however, it is not a big thing in Singapore, nonetheless, it is worth a try.

Well, book swap is simply swapping book/s with another reader for free. Assuming you have ABC book and you can swap with someone one who got XYZ book for free. The only cost is probably time and effort to meet up with the other party.

I have been thinking of how to make this possible, and at the same time creating a safe environment for readers to safely post their contact information. The easiest and efficient way would be to copy those pages like those SGConfessions, SMUConfessions where only the admin knows where the postings come from. Hence the admin will be the server, sending counterparty’s information to the other.

Yet i wonder if this is necessary. If users are comfortable with leaving information online, why trouble myself?

Nonetheless, i am working on making this book swap happen for BooksAvenue. Do comment and let me know what you think.

Till then. ^ ^


Sorry guys, we have been busy for a while to settle personal stuffs.

As such you would have noticed there are no additional of new titles yet.

But rest assured that this is temporary, probably a short hiatus for us to get away for a while. We have acquired some titles and we lack the manpower to do the logistics. We seek your kind understanding.

Meanwhile, if you have any requests, or any titles, feel free to drop us a note. On Facebook, or on this site by commenting on the order page. Also help us by sharing our post on your facebook page. We need ur help to expand and ‘socialise’. ūüėÄ

Thank you for supporting BooksAvenue, a small local online bookstore in Singapore. 


P.S. It really mean a lot to us. Thank you. really. ūüôā

Seeking fiction/non-fiction book suppliers in Singapore

BooksAvenue is expanding! Thank you all for your continuous support~!

Currently we are seeking suppliers who are carrying fiction/non-fiction books. If you are a supplier seeking an online entity to sell your books, please contact us by writing a note on our Facebook wall,

Thank you once again~!

Why book lovers cannot be in the book business?

When we first started this book business, BooksAvenue, we had an ideal business model. We started by doing rental concept, hoping that through this way, we can share the joy of reading to more people. Eventually we decided to revamp our entire business concept, based on the feedbacks and statistics that we were getting. It seems that our fans are not interested in renting the titles they love. They want to own the books, buy them home to collect or to store. Thus in order to survive, we had to alter our business concept, changing from rental to selling.

And this is where we faced, or rather, facing another problem. This problem is pretty unique. It is not seen by any readers, or fans of BooksAvenue. It could be solved by, perhaps, a change of mentality. But this is unlikely, very unlikely.

The problem we are facing is the fact that we LOVE books too much. We love it so much that we are not willing to put it up on for sale. We have the books and to see it sitting neatly on our shelves, nice and tidy. It gives us a sense of pleasure and thrill to know that we own certain collections. To build a small little library, a personal collection to all the books that we love. And most importantly, the fact that we are able to be still in access to the books that we love and have been loving all this while, at any time of the day, at any time of the year regardless rain of shine

This probably also explains why some of our clients prefer to buy books than to rent it. It is also why this same love of books and the magical world of reading that propels us to do up and establish this book business. Surprisingly, it is the same love that is holding back the business.

So long story short and back to the topic, we concluded that book lovers CANNOT be in the book business. Or perhaps they can be in the rental business model if that market is sustainable since books will eventually be coming back to them.

To simplify this post, and for the convenience of those who do not read and skim through the post to find the answer to the above headline, we shall jot it down in bullet points. Even though this has been explained earlier, we just wanted to troll and ease up a little since it is Friday today.

There are 5 reasons to why book lovers cannot be in the book business.




Why cannot?


  1. Book lovers will not be willing to part with the books that are meant to be sold.

  2. Book lovers will not be willing to part with the books that are meant to be sold.

  3. Book lovers will not be willing to part with the books that are meant to be sold.

  4. Book lovers will not be willing to part with the books that are meant to be sold.

  5. Book lovers will not be willing to part with the books that are meant to be sold.

No really, there are 5 reasons that has been explained earlier in this passage. Due to some technical error on WordPress site, we are only able to replicate the first reason 5 times.


OK ok… it’s not that funny. sorry.

P.S. We love books and got a bad sense of humor. Forgive us.

9 Good Reasons Why You Should Read

Reading is the cheapest form of entertainment. There is no electricity involved, of course other than printing the book. There are a myriad of stories, interesting knowledge learnt and new insights and perspectives gained.

However due to more and more ‘fast’ media being produced, slower media like reading are being pushed aside. Fast media includes, movies, internet and many other rapid information disseminating mediums to come in the near future.

It has come to a point where there are people who gave up reading completely. Nonetheless, there are benefits that reading can bring us which its counterparts cannot.

These are the reasons why you should find time to read.

1. Enhances the 5 senses 

Merely reading a word reflecting a color or a scent immediately fires up the corresponding section of the brain, which empathizes with written experiences as if they actually happened to the audience. This is why when you are reading, you will feel that you are actually in the scene as described in the book. It is also one of the main reasons why many find reading pleasurable.

There are researchers who believe that this might very well help sharpen the social acumen needed to forge valuable relationships with others. With enhanced sensory skills, perhaps you will become more efficient to pick up hints from babes?

2. Activates lifelong learning 

In correlation with the previous point, sensual stimulation makes it easier for aging brains to keep absorbing and processing new information over time. That is to say, with enhanced senses, the brain is more efficient in capturing information. This is possible because the occipital-temporal cortex essentially overrides its own programming and adapts to better accommodate written language.

Brain is like a muscle, the more you use it, the better it is.

3. Better skill retention

Reading acts as some sort of a ‚Äúshield‚ÄĚ against mental decay, allowing the body to continue through the motions even when facing temporary or permanent challenges. Readers will have a heightened ability to retain their cognitive skills over their peers who prefer other media. These other media includes internet, television programmes and even mobile phone apps.¬†

4. Better verbal abilities

From the big picture, readers tend to display more adroit verbal skills than those who are not as fond of reading. However, it must be noted that this does not inherently render them as better communicators. Still, they do tend to support higher vocabularies, which increase exponentially with the volume of literature consumed, and may discern context faster.

5. Increases knowledge

It makes sense to know that heavy readers display greater knowledge of how things work. Of course, nonfiction books obviously tend to send more facts, but i am sure fiction certainly can hold its own in that department as well.

6. Higher test scores

Some students don’t perform well on tests despite their prodigious abilities and the amount of effort they have put in. But in general, findings reveal positive correlation between pleasure reading and better scores. As examinations are¬†focused on analyzing reading, writing, and verbal skills, only by reading can one achieve better results and to ace the papers!

7. Reduced stress levels

According to a 2009 University of Sussex study, picking up a book could be one of the most effective strategies for calming down and to relax yourself. Refer to this link:

8. Improves thinking

Fully engaged reading sessions actively engage brain parts that are responsible for thinking critically about more than just texts. By reading a line, or to read between the lines, you will need to think of the possible contexts and the reasons why is it so. In fact this explains this point why it helps to improve not just thinking, but critical thinking

9. Better reasoning

By reading through what is written by the author, you are actually going through the thought-process of the author. In this way, you are learning the mentality of the author when he/she is writing this. Literary intake will positively influence your logic and reasoning so long as you are reading some good material. 


So what are you waiting for? Or are you actually waiting for the 10th reason? Read today! ūüôā


6 Things you MUST HAVE for a Blogshop/Online business in Singapore

In case you forget, or have known already, I decided to write it down to serve as a reminder for all. Comment on my post if you feel that there are other points to be listed, or other perspectives.

1)¬†List Building¬†–

Staying in touch with your prospects and customers is very important. And since every single person in the world has an email address and contact number, building an list is one of the cheapest, most cost-effective solution for doing that.

So when to start?

Right now! Start building your email list today.

You will need a database of contacts, a network of people so that the word gets out there fast. Without them, there will be no returning customers.


You will need well written content to get more customers coming back and for that, content is King. This should be the focus of the site. If there is no content worth reading or seeing on the site, then people will not bookmark and return to your site.

The ‚Äúif you build it, they will come‚ÄĚ saying works to a point, but people will still want to read and explore to understand your site better. These content can be in the form of writings, posting or graphic posters. Nonetheless, make sure content is never undercut in favor of other aspects of the digital campaign.

3)¬†Generating Traffic¬†–

Generating traffic is THE biggest obstacle online. Some businesses got to be so successful on the internet, while others are not. Their success did not come by luck, but it came by knowing how to market effectively on the internet.

Not to mention, shouting out on Facebook or twitter is another method too. But still, it is more efficient if you can market your blogshop well.

4)¬†Google Ranking¬†–

After learning how to generate traffic, it is necessary to learn how to generate traffic. It is true that for an online business, Google helps to direct traffic to your site.

Google PageRank, which is largely based upon the number and quality of backlinks a webpage has, is an important factor in how well a particular webpage ranks within the Google search results.

These can be googled easily by googling “Google Page ranking”.¬†Click here to check your page ranking

5)¬†Mass Traffic¬†–¬†

Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site. Since the mid-1990s, web traffic has been the largest portion of Internet traffic.

Traffic is one of the most important elements in the success of your website. It won’t matter if you have the best website on the Internet if no one ever sees it!

Yet after learning to generate traffic, checking page ranking online, it is necessary to increase the traffic to such that there will be a massive traffic everyday.

Sales is a number game. If 10% of your visitors are your actual buyers, then more visitors is equivalent to more buyers isn’t it? 10% of 100 << 10% of 1000,000,000. Do the math. ūüôā

 6) Referrals

This point is  extremely important. Without referrals, business will wither and die.

It is not the same as building a database as mentioned in point 1. These referrals could be people who bought from you, or people who communicated with you. It is very important to keep them close to you, so that they will return back for more purchases.

All in all always remember, doing up a blogshop or setting up an online business should be fun. It is a way of communication and networking with like-minded people who are also interested in the same product. Except this time around, you are talking to them as a seller and you are able to provide them with a service. How much your online business can provide you depends on how well your service is.

Good luck. ^ ^