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Cute penguins puzzled by rope and trip.

This is almost similar to a group of kids. Unsure and unknown of their surroundings and their own physical abilities/limitations.

It is damn hilarious to watch them observing and scrutinising the rope. And then trying to cross over. Some got caught, panicked and struggled frantically over a harmless piece of rope tied across them.

I can imagine the conversation goes something like this…




First penguin, “No fear! What is this to me?”

Struts forward proudly and faceground.



Second bird, “okays….maybe i go slow then”

“Slow and stea…..What?! NO!? It caught my leggg!!” *struggles and faceground too.

The rest of birds are alarmed after which, and approach with greater caution.

HHAHA such an adorable video!

Watch for 1:17. the reaction is priceless!

Though it’s cute, who ever tied and filmed this is surely an jackass! haha!