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5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Reading


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How can we tell if a child has a strong grasp of the language? Certainly, there are myriad ways to do so. And among all, the most common way to do so is to gauge the child’s language skills by 3 factors: Speaking, Reading and Writing. This method is by a teacher who taught me when i was younger.

Out of the 3 factors, to speak and write are skills that can accomplished if and only if reading is not an issue. To be able to read is the very quintessence step to any language. Once being able to read then one will be able to learn to speak, and lastly write by themselves. With such importance and heavy emphasis on reading, it is our duty as a responsible parent to assist our little ones to be able to read as soon as possible.

Yet where and how do we parents start and help our children? Likewise, if your kid is reading already, how can help to improve his/her reading further? In line with BooksAvenue’s efforts in bridging readers to books and in improving global literacy, our team has compiled some of the common tips that parents should adopt to help our kids:

1. Teaching reading helps

Parents are told early teaching is harmful, but it isn’t true. You simply can’t introduce literacy too early. The “dangers of early teaching” has been a topic of study for more than 100 years, and no one has ever found any convincing evidence of harm. Moreover, there are hundreds of studies showing the benefits of reading to your children when they are young. [1]

2. Teaching literacy just as another skill

Since reading is a skill, teaching reading is the same as teaching any other skills too. Mothers and fathers successfully teach their kids to eat with a spoon, use a potty, keep their fingers out of their noses, and say “P&Qs” too. Reading should be taught as a skill, and it should be enjoyable. Being unpleasant (e.g. yelling, punishing, pressuring) doesn’t work, and it can be frustrating for everyone. Henceforth, this notion applies to teaching literacy, too. If you show your 18-month-old a book and he/she shows no interest, then put it away and come back to it later. No pressure. No hassle.

3. Talk to your kids often

Reading is a language activity, and if you want to learn language, you’d better hear it, and eventually, speak it. Too many moms and dads feel a bit dopey talking to a baby or young child, but studies have shown that exposing your child to a variety of words helps in her development of literacy skills. Improvements come when the language skills are activated and used often. Remember it was mentioned earlier that language can be learnt from speaking, reading and writing? As parents we ought to talk to kids more. This gives them a chance to reply and speak often too. [2]

4. Read to your kids.

Research shows benefits for kids as young as 9-months-old, and it could be effective even earlier than that. Reading to kids exposes them to richer vocabulary than they usually hear from the adults who speak to them, and can have positive impacts on their language, intelligence, and later literacy achievement. What to read to them? Visit your local library, and you can get an armful of adventure. [3]

5. Have your kids to share “stories.”

Another great way to introduce kids to literacy is to take their dictation. Have them recount an experience or make up a story. A typical first story may be something like, “I like fish. I like my sister. I like grandpa.” Write it as it is being told, and then read it aloud. Point at the words when you read them, or point at them when your child is trying to read the story. Over time, with lots of rereading, don’t be surprised if your child starts to recognize words such as “I” or “like.” (As children learn some of the words, you can write them on cards and keep them in a “word bank” for your child, using them to review later.)

On top of these 5 tips, BooksAvenue has a 90 days offer from Readability to let parents try out this reading app for free. It helps improve reading and comprehension in young and struggling readers, making it unlike anything else on the market. Also. Readability brings together Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Advanced Speech Recognition, Comprehension with Interactive Voice-based Questions & Answers (IVQA), Fun Content, Real-Time Performance Tracking, and Gamification within one mobile app to help young children become strong readers.

BooksAvenue hopes that this page helps to bridge the gap between readers and books. With clearer understanding and online resources, parents can help their little tots be a better reader. Do check out our links for other reading resources.



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Kindle E-readers Under $100


Knowing the fact that the earliest Kindle device of 4gig can hold up 30,000 books [¹], why will anyone still lug a physical book around? If it is a short trip commuting from one point to another, a book does provide a quick mental getaway, covering and finishing more pages and finishing the book earlier too.

What if wanting to have the option to have all the titles in one device weighing under 200 grams? And it costs less than $100.

Will you want it?

If your answer is yes, this page will be useful for you to pick the right Kindle to suit your lifestyle.



Kindle for $64.99

This basic Kindle model uses a 6inches if electronic ink capacitive touchscreen for reading, and it lights up so you can read in the dark. A single charge lasts up to 4 weeks, based on a half-hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at 13.

The only downsides are it’s not water-proof, no light-adjusting sensors or rotating page orientation, and it still uses a MicroUSB charging port.



Kindle Paperwhite for $94.99

The Kindle Paperwhite will be considered a slight upgrade from Kindle.

The touchscreen is noticeably clearer (300 vs. 167)pixels/inch. With better lights, flush-front design and more importantly, waterproof of IPX8 certified.




All-new Kindle Oasis

The All-new Kindle Oasis will be the full upgrade from the earliest 2 devices.

Not only it has the largest screen size of 7inches, the best-LED front lights, but it also has an ergonomic design, auto-rotating page orientation and page turn buttons.

This is the best option for the best reading experience. We are sorry that it is not under $100 as promised. However, the price matches the quality. And in our view, a good reading device makes it easier to flip the pages faster. (We love the page-turning buttons!)


Kindle Kids Edition for $84.99

The Kindle Kids Edition will be exactly similar to regular Kindle in terms of specifications. With the $20 price difference, there is a 2 year guaranteed replacement and a one-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited. As it meant for purely reading, there are no games, ads, or voice assistants to interrupt.

Now with the 2 years guaranteed replacement, all parents will be willing to let kids from 7 years old and up to handle this version of Kindle.


Hope this sums all the popular Kindle readers on Amazon. There are other reading devices, however, these are the ones which focuses and specialises for reading purposes. Hope this is a simple and concise guide to narrow down the choices.


( Team BooksAvenue works hard to garner resources and detail all the money-saving ways that are available online. The affiliated links help to ensure BooksAvenue remains free for your consumption. We thank you for your kind support. )




[¹]Research data taken from


How to get FREE Shipping From Amazon


BooksAvenue did an article on how to buy Kindle books if you are not in the US. The article can be found here: How to buy Kindle Books for those living outside US

On the same note, BooksAvenue received many enquires on how to buy books or Amazon items and ship to Indonesia. So in this article, we will use Indonesia as an example. It works for any country in fact.

Since BooksAvenue has the knowledge and experience, the team has compiled all the information and steps in this page. Knowing that buying ebooks, movies, apps and games from Amazon store is difficult in some countries, we make it a point to help our customers so that they can have the digital experience purchase ( be it ebooks, or multimedia resources) via Amazon is as painless as possible.

Does Ship Internationally To Indonesia?

It depends on the item.

But in this short article, we’ll show you exactly how to buy any product from’s USA store and get it shipped to Indonesia, regardless of whether Amazon ships it internationally or not.

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How to buy Kindle Books for those living outside US


Previously, we discussed how to have UNLIMITED FREE reads on Kindle in Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries. In this post, we are going to talk about how to buy Kindle books in Singapore as well as buy Kindle books in Malaysia, both countries use the same method, but let’s just refer to Singapore.

In addition, this tutorial will be showing you on how to buy English Kindle book from US Amazon.


How To Get $10 Amazon Credit


As always, the staffs at BooksAvenue help to document and search for ideas and ways to have books at an affordable price for everyone. In this way, reading can be affordable to everyone! Thank to Amazon!

In this post, we will share with you how to get a $10 credit. This credit can help to offset your Kindle ebooks purchase. It is savings and with the $10 saved, it translates to buying another title or two, reading more fulfilling desires.


Step 1: Register an Amazon Kindle Unlimited account.

Step 2: Get a Kindle E-reader. I assumed you would have purchased the Kindle either from Amazon or through one of the e-commerce portal. If not, use our link for a discounted price.


Once the Amazon Kindle Unlimited account is signed up and ready, there will be a free month trial.  It is a 1 month trial period available before paying. In this way, it is an excellent idea to surf and browse for every title available on Amazon.

After that trial period is over, Amazon will email you a S$10 credit email to fund your account. It should be about 2 to 4 weeks time after the Amazon Kindle Unlimited is ready.

Click on the link in the email sent by Amazon and there will be a banner that looks like this:



Hope this is useful to all readers out there.

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3 Steps To Read Amazon books for FREE


With e-commerce portals such as Lazada and Qoo10, you can now easily get a Kindle Device.

But books in Amazon costs money, so can we still do the ultimate way and read for FREE?

Glad that you asked! Good that you have been following us and bookmarked us for future updates to know this today.

You can read on Amazon for FREE apparently. AND no, it’s not a scam or some click bait. 3 steps, 3 legit steps. All you need is an Amazon Kindle Unlimited account (does not require a subscription to Amazon Prime).


Step 1: Register an Amazon Kindle Unlimited account. You will need it later.

Step 2: Get a Kindle E-reader. I assumed you would have purchased the Kindle either from Amazon or through one of the e-commerce portal. If not, use our link for a discounted price.

No Kindle?

If you have NOT purchased the Kindle device, you can download the free Kindle Reading App from iTunes or Google Play Store. The free books work with both the Kindle device and the reading app.

This only works if you have signed for Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Step 3:

After creating an account, go to Departments > Books & Audible > Kindle eBooks.

Then search for “free Kindle books”. You will then see a list of books that say “Kindle Edition” $0.00. You don’t need to be a Prime. All with a reading app, or a physical Kindle


Now an extra step, this has been my ultimate secret for a few years now and every day I have been browsing it constantly for the latest free books.

Freebook sifter is the answer!

Its is a web application where it scans the entire Amazon catalog and displays the link to the free books on its web site. It sorts the books into 30 different categories such as Parenting, Investing and Friction. It also proudly displays the number of free books you can actually download.

So there you go, an Amazon with free books.


Now if you would like to read PAID books for FREE, there is another way too.

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans are available with 6, 12 and 24-month membership plans.

AND there is a 1 month trial period available before paying. So the idea is to read all you can for FREE in that 1 month.

There will be:

  • Unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks
  • Unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks
  • Read on any device
  • Membership plans are also giftable


Readathon baby!

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Click the banner below to read more:

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans


Free Book Swaps in SG


We book lovers have a problem. A big problem.

We have a lot of books, but we still want more books. However at limited resources, it’s either constrained storage spaces, or insufficient funds to buy more books.

The only solution?

Book swapping with other readers to exchange and switch books. And that’s how BooksAvenue has been providing a simple platform to match book swappers.


First click on this link:

After clicking the link, you should see this page on your browser like this:

Then click on View Group, and then Join.


Alternatively, you can search for @booksavenuebookswapsg within the Telegram app on your mobile. You should see the same icon like this:



The group just started very recently. Feel free to share with others to gather more people with the same interest.

This should help to faciliate the users in Singapore to swap books more efficiently. All these are done for FREE. So be wary of anyone who uses BooksAvenue brand/name to collect a fee for doing bookswaps.



More Fun Facts about Millennials


The year is 2021 now.

This means those who are born in 2000 are now 21 years old. At the age of 21, many countries recognise this as the age of adulthood, a young adult from the adolescent age. It would also mean the age of transition, probably from studying to working, from college to office. This are the Gen Z group, ranging from 1997 to 2010.

What about Millennials?

So with the Gen Z entering workforce, Millennials should be in the workforce for quite some time. They should have gained relevant experience and amassed certain spending power. Are they still relevant since the trend has always been looking forward, wanting only the latest? Will they be redundant after?

To these asked questions above, BooksAvenue received warm responses from the previous article. This was written by us: Fun Facts About Millennials. In recognition of that, we decided to share more information by invitation from ReviewMoose. Though the data provided from ReviewMoose is largely based on Canadians, the trend and habits remain the same.

But one might ask, why should we know about Millennials?

A brief summary

From the information extracted from ReviewMoose, the summary as follows:

1. Millennials are earning more money than baby boomers and Gen X-ers did at their age.
2. Homeowner millennials’ after-tax income is more than double that of millennials who aren’t homeowners.
3. 28% of Canadian millennials shopped online in 2019.

Purely from the earning and spending habits, there is a deviation from the previous generations. Not only millennials are earning more, they are willing to spend on the greater things they care for.

For the other generations who might be working with millennials, this will be a point of learn about the mindset of millennials. This is especially so for Gen Z, who are entering workforce and is facing a millennial boss.

So I leave you with the this article. And a note to ponder; Why Millennials are uniquely different from the other generations?

For more details for greater clarity, please go to:

Thank you ReviewMoose again for this kind invitation.

100 Words Review Biography/Autobiography Memoirs Non-Fiction Self Help

Educated: A Memoir – Tara Westover


Sign up Amazon audible and get this book for free

Authors: Tara Westover
Page count: 352
Publisher: Random House
Subjects: Non-Fiction, Autobiography
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0399590504
Product DimensionsKindle eBook Audiobook

100 Word Summary

Set in the mountains of Idaho, the Westover family was well prepared for doomsday. Led by the father of the family, they stockpiled all necessities and equipped themselves with essential skills. In this way, the survivalist family could self-sustain and avoid any dependency on society, or the government. Thus being isolated from the mainstream, the children did not have any formal or proper education. With that, Tara had a strong thirst for knowledge and taught herself enough subjects to get herself into the Brigham Young University. This is her story of family loyalty, grief and struggle in her growing years.

(100 words)

Who should read:

Readers who want to look at the current society with a fresh preservative. This is especially so from the eyes of the uneducated. It is interesting to know in such time and age, there are still members of the society who are ignorant and stubborn of the improvements and advancements. Such ingrates (if you may allow me) are always doubting the government, rejecting any help or aid when it could really help them for good.

Who should NOT read:

For those who are expecting a fairy tale, sci-fi stories of either happy or sad ending, this is surely not for you. It is a real story of someone’s (Tara Westover) growing up years. An autobiography of the challenges and struggles that at times can be painful to read. It is especially painful for the educated ones to read the encounters of the Westover family members. Imagine being sick and being refused to see a doctor because of the fear that government will them brainwash and take control. Such irrationality is hard to accept for readers who are practical and realistic/

Takeaway points:

Education changes someone for the better. It gives proper logical reasoning and allows higher cognitive abilities. In this way, it solves much complexities. With that in mind, life can be better enjoyed and not wasted fearing unnecessarily or suspecting establishments with much self entertained controversies.

Sign up Amazon audible and get this book for free

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VPN and Amazon Kindles


Today we are going to discuss about VPN.

First off, it stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN essentially create a data tunnel between your local network and an exit node in another location. That could be thousands of miles away, making it seem as if you’re in another place. This allows online freedom, or the ability to access your favorite apps and websites while on the go.

Surfing the web or transacting on an unsecured Wi-Fi network means exposing your private information and browsing habits. That’s why a virtual private network, better known as a VPN, should be a must for anyone concerned about their online security and privacy.

Think about all the times you’ve been on the go. Reading emails while in line at the coffee shop, or checking your bank account. Unless you were logged into a private Wi-Fi network that requires a password, any data transmitted during your online session could be vulnerable to eavesdropping by strangers using the same network.

The encryption and anonymity that a VPN provides helps protect your online activities. Such as sending emails, shopping online, or paying bills. In addition, VPNs also help keep your web browsing anonymous.

With the short video above, and the link here to get FREE Amazon Kindle books, do sign up for a VPN today. It costs $2 per month, but think of the overall savings over the long run!

This is a partnership between BooksAvenue and privateinternetaccess. In this way, we ensure our readers are able to access to reading materials all over the world!

Sign up today with our affiliated link here:

100 Words Review Business and Finance Non-Fiction

Building Your Real Estate Riches – Ku Swee yong


Author: Ku Swee Yong
Page count: 178 pages
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Business (5 Nov 2012)
Subjects: Finance
Language: English
ISBN-10: 981438206X
ISBN-13: 978-9814382069

Product FormatFree Kindle eBook / Other titles

100 Word Summary

Authored by Mr Ku the property expert, this book presents an essential guide for readers to amplify their investment gains. In a textbook style justified by facts and data, Mr Ku shares concise insights and practical perspectives for readers to navigate through the market. Differences in residential, commercial and industrial property, it outlines the pros and cons of each sector. Through the collection of articles published in major newspapers, this book addresses the current issues faced by investors. While the presented paradigms are in 2010s, these are timeless examples which are still applicable in the current and future contexts.

Who Should Read

From neophytes to professionals, this is a book suitable for anyone interested in the property market. Regardless of the reader’s knowledge, it is easy to read and to understand different models and market trend. With a better understanding of the property market in those thrilling days of yesteryear, it gives readers certain sense of direction and trend in the years to come.

Who Should Not Read

For readers who are totally not interested in property market, this book will be just a stack of foxed endpapers with printed English words. It requires tremendous effort to finish this book without any interest or curiosity in the property market.

Takeaway Points

Property market works on a willing buyer willing seller basis, pretty much similar to any other transacting markets. However, there are government and authoritarian regulations that makes it complicated, masking certain pitfalls or to demotivate certain trends. To deal better or to amplify gains, it is best to arm oneself with a certain degree of property market knowledge.

I am happy to have met the author himself and received a signed copy of this book. Honored and humbled by Mr Ku’s presence to have had a beer session with him at a German bistro that cool evening.

About the Author

With a background in banking and real estate, working for companies such as Société Générale, Savills Singapore and Far East Organization, Ku Swee Yong established boutique property brokerage and consultancy International Property Advisor Pte Ltd in 2010, servicing high net worth individuals. IPA aims to bridge the knowledge gap between the banking and real estate industries. In addition to his agency, he is co-founder of and has published 4 books on the property market and is a regular market commentator on news outlets in Singapore. He is also an adjunct lecturer in the National University of Singapore’s Department of Real Estate.

Taken from:

100 Words Review Inspirational Non-Fiction

If I Could Tell You Just One Thing… Encounters with Remarkable People and Their Most Valuable Advice- Richard Reed


Sign up Amazon audible and get this book for free

AuthorsRichard Reed
Page count: 304 pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books; Illustrated Edition (April 3, 2018)
Subjects: Self improvement books, Motivation , Ethics, Morality, Graduation gifts
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1452165157
ISBN-13: 978-1452165158

Product FormatFree Kindle eBook / Audiobook

100 Word Summary

From Hollywood greats like Judi Dench and Richard Curtis, to entrepreneurial legends like Richard Branson and Simon Cowell; from sports stars and TV personalities like Andy Murray and James Cordon to political activists and born survivors like Mandela’s Comrades and Katie Piper, Richard has picked some of the world’s most interesting brains to give a lesson in how to live, love, create and how to succeed. Overall, it is a good summary of wisdom from different people of success from various industries whose lives have been influenced by events, both fortunate and unfortunate.

Who Should Read

Personally i think for readers who are seeking inspiration or motivation in life to push through the next stage, this is a good short summary of the possible positivities in life. In addition, it brings readers around the world virtually, meeting a number of powerful and famous giants. A short quote or a simple line from these successful people enlighten readers almost immediately.

Who Should Not Read

As this is meant to be a short summary of interest perspectives from the giants, there will be little or at times, no elaboration of the little nugget advice given. The author will introduce and share the background of the person of interest, albeit not very detailed. Readers who are wanting to know more of certain particular interviewed person will be sorely disappointed, because it is after all meant to deliver in a concise manner.

Takeaway Points

Life is a journey, an exploration of things with certain expectations, as well as unexpectations. Each individual is unique, and because of this it is quite impossible to have the same fixed and fast formula for every one of us to succeed.

This book is not written with an aim to provide an instant success formula for all. It is meant to compile short interviews with successful people from various industries for readers to investigate and seek what works for themselves.

After reading this title which i found in an old bookshelf, my personal takeaway point is that we all have to be passionate in something and to work diligently with a clear goal in mind. Everyone’s goal will be unique, and this goal is something bigger than oneself usually. Work towards it while choosing the right decisions and actions along the way, and success will be achievable.

About the Author

Richard Reed is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and co-founder of Innocent Drinks, the Innocent Foundation, and Art Everywhere. He lives in the UK.

Samuel Kerr has created a body of work that spans portraiture, print design, art direction, and brand identities for clients such as Coca-Cola, Gillette, and Paul Smith. He lives in the UK.


Why get Grammarly?


Have you ever sent an email with good intentions, but the recipient misunderstood or felt offended in some way by what you wrote?

While many of us have become better at getting messages across, there is always room for improvement. Getting guidance on tone can also assist those who speak English as a second language.

Grammarly is here to help with the tone detector!

By analyzing your word choice, phrasing, punctuation, and even capitalization, Grammarly’s tone detector can identify how your message is likely to sound to someone reading it so you can make necessary adjustments before you hit send.

Let’s say you’re writing a note to congratulate a friend. You may find that the tone detector identifies your message as sounding excited and joyful. Nothing wrong with that! But when you need to write an article about a controversial subject or remind a co-worker about an incomplete task without sounding aggressive, you may need some help.

A beta version of the tone detector is currently available as part of Grammarly’s browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. To give it a try, be sure you have Grammarly installed on your browser, then head to a site where you can start writing, such as Gmail. Make sure to write a few sentences—the tone detector needs at least 120 characters to activate.

Grammarly’s tone detector will save you and your target market time, misunderstandings, and possibly even hurt feelings. Remind your readers, users, and audience that Grammarly is a FREE resource that should be in everyone’s toolbox!

And be sure to check the Grammarly blog for our latest features and inspiration.


5 free things for books lovers


As a book lover, we take refuge in the pages of a book. Some even say those who read books travel “many places.”

And so, providing reading resources to all readers has been our pleasure. BooksAvenue believes that reading can be available to everyone with little, or no cost at all. Thus today, we have compiled a list of links and ways to help you save more or even get books or e-books for FREE.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

This is useful for readers who are not living in US.

Many of the reading perks are given for FREE by signing up via the link inside.

However, it is only available for those no living in US.

Check it out how to bypass this geographical restriction.

Photo by Perfecto Capucine on

Don’t have a Kindle reader? Check out our promotional links to Amazon. There are good and decent kindle readers which are less than $100.

Not just the price tag, BooksAvenue has reviewed each and every Kindle Reader for your convenience. In this way getting the right reader with the right budget,

Something for everyone without breaking our bank!

Photo by Luriko Yamaguchi on

Now with the link to buy books outside of US, and the convenient link to compare all Kindle Readers, this link helps to find out other good books that are given away for free. Check out the link inside ways to source for FREE books.

Photo by Kaique Rocha on

Say there is FREE shipping, will you be happy with it? And with the free books, surely this will be better with FREE shipping? It took BooksAvenue years to compile this. Check it out too.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

If Amazon is the only way to buy books, then you are missing out a LOT! There are other cheaper alternatives too! This is the link to find out what you have been missing out!

Click on the point 5 above to go to the page to find out what are OTHER sites to buy books from!

So there you go, all the 5 points summarized here for your convenience. Do bookmark this page for future reference. BooksAvenue will update this from time to time. This ensures information to be accurate and updated. And more importantly, ensuring that all readers get their resources at low cost, or no cost at all.

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Grammarly’s Ai-powered Writing Assistant

Check your online writings for FREE!

Everyone writes and types these days. However with so much content and so little time, how is it to do spelling and grammar checks efficiently?

Enter the Best Plagiarism Checker & Proofreader.

Regardless if you are a writer, or a casual user, Grammarly helps to track and correct your English errors. Grammar, spelling errors or even mistypes, it will capture all and change it properly for you.

Add it to your browser. Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer and it works automatically. Furthermore, you may add it in your phone well. The possibilities are limitless!

Added mine to Chrome and you can change the language anytime.

Personally, we find this very useful in composing content and publish it online. With Grammarly, we can create content efficiently with no mistakes.

The best part?

It is FREE and you can sign up here!