Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones (Full Set)
Game of Thrones (Full Set)


Game of Thrones (Full)
Game of Thrones (Full)


A Game of Thrones is the first novel in A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of high fantasy novels by American author George R. R. Martin. It was first published on 6 August 1996. The novel won the 1997 Locus Award, and was nominated for both the 1997 Nebula Award and the 1997 World Fantasy Award. The novella Blood of the Dragon, comprising the Daenerys Targaryen chapters from the novel, won the 1997 Hugo Award for Best Novella. In January 2011 the novel became a New York Times bestseller and reached #1 on the list in July 2011.

In the novel, presenting various points of view and plot-lines, Martin introduces the noble houses of Westeros, the Wall, and the Targaryen plot-line. The novel has lent its name to several spin-off works based on the series, such as several games. It is also the basis for the first season of Game of Thrones, an HBO television series which premiered in April 2011. A March 2013 paperback TV tie-in re-edition is also to be titled Game of Thrones, without the “A”. The title comes from a proverb that Queen Cersei quotes on page 471: “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

This is a complete set of Game of Thrones.

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Last Of The Few – Max Arthur

Last Of The Few - Max Arthur
Last Of The Few – MAx Arthur

After the fall of France in May 1940, the British Expeditionary Force was miraculously evacuated from Dunkirk. Britain now stood alone to face Hitler’s inevitable invasion attempt. For the German army to land across the channel, Hitler needed mastery of the skies—the Royal Air Force would have to be broken. So every day throughout the summer, German bombers pounded the RAF air bases in the southern counties. Greatly outnumbered by the Luftwaffe, the pilots of RAF Fighter Command scrambled as many as five times a day, and civilians watched skies crisscrossed with the contrails from the constant dogfights between Spitfires and Me–109s. Britain’s very freedom depended on the outcome of that summer’s battle: Its air defenses were badly battered and nearly broken, but against all odds, “The Few,” as they came to be known, bought Britain’s freedom–many with their lives. More than a fifth of the British and Allied pilots died during the Battle of Britain. These are the personal accounts of the pilots who fought and survived that battle. Their stories are as riveting, as vivid, and as poignant as they were seventy years ago. We will not see their like again.



“This is highly recommended for guys who are serving NS in Air Force, or striving to be pilots.” 



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A humble start of a free service; 24/7 Book swap in Singapore

Today we have started our section on Books/non-books swapping. It is a humble page where swappers can exchange info by commenting on the page.

Feel free to use it. You can post a list of things to swap, not just one. All we hope is you post it in the right sections so it will be convenient to all. Also please read the instructions for a happier experience.

Hope that this will help facilitate swappers.

We have plans to start a forum once we get get 1000 followers. Or is it too many? 

For now, we keep it simple but there are more to come. Feel free to swap. It is FREE and will be that way always.

This is a free service and will remain this way. PROMISE! we promise. 


Starting Book Swap on BooksAvenue this Friday

Hi friends of BooksAvenue, the section of book swap is ready. It will start officially this Friday.

After much considerations, we decided that it is better to keep it simple because we are amateurs when it comes to website designing. It makes more sense for us to present an idea, no matter how crude it is, so long as it is viable and feasible. But one for sure, we promise this will be a free service. No monthly subscriptions, no commission or fee paying BS to swap books or others. We promise it will continue to be free and will continue to polish and improve along the way.

Also, we have done up a similar section for non-book swaps too. It is a very simple page where swappers can exchange information to transact by commenting on the page itself. We will mitigate to an online forum once we are very sure that it will serve our friends better.

As of now, it is password protected. If you want to take a peek, message us on our Facebook page. ^ ^

Lastly, this is a free of charge service, an initiative to serve the community better. We hope to get your support.

Do share with your friends, do LIKE our page, do write to us because no matter how small and humble your contributions are, it really means a lot to us.

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